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Which Type of Home Fits Your Needs?

As time passes, sometimes the home you live in is no longer the home you need. And while many people are reluctant about the idea of downsizing, it doesn’t mean that it will be a step backwards. Downsizing or, as we prefer to call it, rightsizing, is a way to once again find a balance between what it is that you want and need in a home and what you don’t. Most senior residents no longer require multiple bedroom houses once they live on their own, aren’t able to keep up with all the maintenance required in a large house, and are putting more money into a home than necessary. So it is important to be aware of all your rightsizing home options and what each one can offer you. At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we are a moving company Wichita, KS, residents can trust for senior relocation and downsizing.

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Wichita Rightsize Housing Options

Double-Story Homes

Double-story homes are a good option for seniors who do not want to rightsize to a significantly smaller home than before. It also provides them with more than enough space for all of their belongings and most likely won’t require them to part from large belongings such as furniture. However, double-story homes will require more physical effort from the owners. Both from constantly going up and down the stairs and from indoor and outdoor maintenance. Double-story homes are also more expensive than other housing options.

Single-Story Homes

Single-story homes still offer a spacious living environment but get rid of the need to go up and down the stairs for those residents who are either unable to or have a hard time with it. Single-story homes don’t necessarily have to be a smaller layout than a double-story home, but when choosing to rightsize, it is preferable. While single-story homes remove some of the complications of double-story homes, they still require constant indoor and outdoor upkeep and higher payments than other living options.


Many senior residents find that condominiums are a good choice for those who want a smaller home but don’t want to give up their privacy or many of their freedoms. Condominiums come in many shapes and sizes and with their own individual features, but the main advantages and disadvantages remain the same. Condominiums can provide a smaller layout than a house that is still spacious enough for most personal belongings and so that it doesn’t feel like such a drastic change. They are also run by homeowner associations, which provide their residents with many benefits, such as outdoor maintenance, trash pickup and amenities like a pool, gym or clubhouse. On the other hand, homeowner associations can also limit your freedom a bit because of their rules and regulations as to what you can change in and around your home. For movers Wichita, KS, senior residents can depend on for help with rightsizing, contact Rightsize Moving Solutions.


Apartments are considerably less expensive than a house and can really help with rightsizing for single or couple senior residents who don’t really require much space anymore. Cleaning and maintenance is a lot easier and faster given their smaller layouts, and if there is ever a maintenance issue, management is usually responsible for fixing it, not you. Unfortunately, while apartments may contain a small patio, they don’t have a back or front yard where you could plant a garden or simply relax in. You also won’t have complete freedom for altering or remodeling the unit, and it is a little less private due to adjoining walls.

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are great for senior residents who wish to be part of a tighter community with more socialization opportunities with people of the same age. You also have scheduled activities for constant entertainment and no need to worry about home maintenance or chores. In assisted living facilities, however, you do give up a lot of freedoms and privacy. You will also have considerably less space for your belongings than other housing options. Our senior moving services can help you organize your items and rightsize before the move.

Senior Moving Services in Wichita, KS

If you’re in need of moving companies Wichita, KS, residents can count on for experience with senior moving and rightsizing, look no further. At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we are senior relocation specialists, offering various certifications that focus specifically on moving organization and senior relocation. We understand the difficulty that can come with leaving your home and belongings of many years, so we will work with you to make the transition as easy as possible. Contact us for Wichita moving services you can trust.