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How to Tell It’s Time to Move

10 Signs It’s Time To Move in Wichita, KS

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If your daily commute has become unbearable, it might be time to move.

Not all signs in life are clear, including the ones saying it might be time to move from your current home. These signs are different for everyone, but through the years, we’ve seen these 10 many times. If you’ve started seeing the signs it’s time to move, call the movers Wichita, KS residents rely on, Rightsize Moving Solutions.

1. You’ve Outgrown Your Home

While it’s not actually possible to outgrow your home overnight, it can feel like it is for many people. Before you realized it, the home with so much storage you didn’t know what to do with it began to overflow. Or your family has grown and so have the possessions that come with it. If building an addition isn’t an option, many people begin to look for a larger home and plan for a move at this point.

2. The Home Has Outgrown Your Life

On the other hand, if you’re an empty nester, cleaning and maintaining multiple bedrooms and bathrooms can be time-consuming and tedious. Downsizing or rightsizing might be answer to finding a home that’s the perfect fit. We offer a free consultation to determine how best to rightsize your belongings and do so with the utmost care and respect, understanding the difficulty that can come with moving.

3. Your Daily Commute

Need we say more? The average American commuter travels 15 miles one-way to work, according to the most recent Department of Transportation data released in 2016. Those 15 miles may go quickly or seem to drag if you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic each day. If you’ve listened to every episode of your favorite podcast more than once while driving to work, it may be time to move closer. Whether you’re moving a couple blocks or across town, Rightsize Moving Solutions stands out among moving companies Wichita, KS with our customized moving plans and personalized service.

4. You Want To Put Down Roots By Buying A Home

If you’re weary of the transitional feel of renting an apartment or home, it’s probably time to consider buying. Yes, buying a home is a big investment, but you’ll be adding to your own financial equity instead of the landlord’s while establishing yourself in the neighborhood. Wichita moving companies like Rightsize Moving Solutions help first-time homeowners with this big move every day and can help you make the transition easier.

5. “No Mowing” Sounds Like A Dream

Some people use housework and lawn care as a personal escape, taking pride in spending time trimming, mowing, and raking. For others, well, they’d rather relax or spend their time on other projects. If you find yourself in the latter group, a residential development with a homeowners association (HOA) is likely for you. Most HOAs provide basic landscaping services including mowing, while full-service developments take care of everything so you don’t have to.

6. Your Home Isn’t As Accessible As It Once Was

Multi-level homes can be highly accessible until they’re not. If health issues such as arthritis have hampered your mobility, it’s time to consider your comfort and safety. A single-level and perhaps smaller home may be more accommodating for current and future health issues should they arise.

7. Renovations & DIY Aren’t Your Cup of Tea

When you bought your home years ago, everything was new and state-of-the-art for that era. Now, the renovations and remodeling to get it back to that point are numbers you’re not sure you’ve ever seen before. Should the cost and time take you aback, it could be time to consider moving to a new energy efficient home and leave the renovations to someone else.

8. Your Current Home Doesn’t Make Financial Sense

The commonly accepted rule of thumb is not pay more than 30 percent of your pretax income toward housing. Yet, when life happens, this rule of thumb goes out the window and more of your budget is going to the mortgage. To get your finances back under control, consider moving to a less expensive home, even for a short while.

9. You’ve Bought, Now It’s Time to Build

You’ve decided your current home doesn’t or can’t meet your lifestyle and needs. But when you look at what’s on the housing market, neither can any of the available homes. Now could be the time to build the dream home you’ve only dreamt about. Once you have a move-in date in sight, call Rightsize Moving Solutions for an effortless move into your dream home.

10. The Neighborhood Has Changed

As with many things in life, a neighborhood can change over time. Whether the safety has declined or several new neighbors have late weeknight gatherings you can hear with windows closed, they’re both signs it could be time to move.

Call Rightsize Moving Solutions When It’s Time To Move

When it comes to choosing from the many Wichita moving companies, choose Rightsize Moving Solutions. We’ve helped Wichita, Kansas residents move for over 20 years with personal and professional services every time. Whether you need a hand sorting and packing what to take with you or just an extra hand or two on moving day, we create a moving plan that fits your needs and budget. If you’ve been seeing the signs it’s time to move, call Rightsize Moving Solutions today!

Items to Leave Behind During Your Next Move

During the stressful process of moving, it’s often difficult to decide what is worth taking with you and what you can afford to leave behind. But before you make any drastic decisions, let Rightsize Moving Solutions, the moving company Wichita, KS, residents rely on, remind you of some items that might be easier to replace than relocate.

Items to Leave Behind During Your Next Move

If It’s in the Ground or Hardwired, It Stays

You’ve got plenty to take care of during a move, so why spend time trying to remove a mailbox or another in-ground fixture? Plus, after the sale of a home, anything secured in the ground on the property is considered real estate and has to stay with the home. The same goes for any hardwired home security system. Notify the security company that you’re moving; the new owners then have the choice to continue service under their name.

Houseplants and Outdoor Landscaping Features

Moving companies in Wichita, KS, like Rightsize Moving Solutions may advise you to leave houseplants behind. While some are small enough to put in a box and take in the car with you, many aren’t. During transportation, you risk damaging plants that would otherwise continue to grow healthy and secure in your home. Some outdoor plants and most landscaping features are considered real estate unless exempted in the closing papers. If you have a plant or shrub near and dear to you, cuttings can be used to propagate it at your new home.

Manuals and Warranties

Most major appliances are left behind during a move, so there’s no need to take the owner’s manuals with you. The new homeowners can refer to these manuals for a smoother transition as they inherit the appliances. The same applies to any warranty paperwork related to recently completed siding or remodeling projects. Keep in mind that these sometimes have transferrable warranties, which will still be in effect after closing.

Leftover Paint and Other Home-Improvement Supplies

Have you ever lived in a home or apartment painted in a color you enjoyed, but when a spot needed a touchup, you had no idea what the name of the color or shade was? Don’t leave the new homeowners or tenants in the same situation. Leaving behind leftover paint lets them know what color they’re looking at and rids you of one messy item to figure out how to pack and transport. Apply this mindset to all relatively inexpensive home-improvement supplies used for quick fixes and repairs.

Blinds and Window Coverings

Unless movers in Wichita, KS, are helping you move into an identically sized home, there’s a good chance your current blinds won’t fit and should be left behind. The new owners and tenants will appreciate those layers of privacy and comfort when they move in. Window coverings may have a little more leeway; you can choose to leave curtains and drapes or take them with you, if you think they’ll match your new home’s decor.

Call Rightsize Moving Solutions For Your Next Move

Rightsize Moving Solutions and other Wichita moving companies have seen the many items people don’t need but still try to bring to their new homes. Save yourself some time and sanity by calling Rightsize Moving Solutions before your next move. Our team creates a custom moving plan, coordinates with you and everyone involved and makes transportation easy. And if you’re unsure of what you should take or leave behind, we can help you pack your belongings. Rightsize Moving Solutions is the moving company Wichita, KS, calls trusts to relocate items safely. Call us today to begin organizing your move!