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Move Into Your First Apartment or Home with These Tips

Your first move will always be memorable. The question is whether the move is memorable because it was fun and exciting or grueling and stressful. In Wichita movers know that the difference between an easy move and challenging one comes down to how prepared the person is when the moving process begins. While it may seem the deck is stacked against you as a first-time mover, the truth is that a few key tips can ensure your first move is memorable for all the right reasons.

Plan Around Your New Address

There are lots of steps involved with moving. As a first-time mover, one trick for staying on-top of everything is to separate tasks into categories and making a list of all the moving-related duties that involve your new address.

Keep Your New Address On-Hand

In Wichita moving companies advise homeowners keep their new addresses on-hand. In order to transfer or set up services at your new home or apartment, you’ll need to know the address, and providing someone with the wrong address could cause service delays. Save the address in your phone or in a schedule book to ensure you always have it handy.

Know When to Book Movers

As far as moving tasks go, booking movers seems fundamental. But sometimes, individuals moving for the first-time put off hiring movers until it’s too late. It’s a good idea to call movers at least three months in advance to ensure you have your pick of reputable movers in Wichita. When you call, have your new address handy, so the movers can calculate the mileage of your move as part of their price quote.

Remember Mail Forwarding

First-time movers sometimes forget to update their mailing addresses with the United States Postal Service until after moving, which can cause important mail to get lost in the shuffle of the move. But according to moving companies in Wichita, KS, a person should schedule mail forwarding at least one month before moving. In order to complete the USPS mail forwarding form, you’ll need to know your new address.

Plan to Transfer Utilities

When moving in Wichita, you’ll need to update the address on file with your local utilities provider in order to transfer utility services from your former home to your new home. Any ongoing contracts with Internet or cable providers must also be transferred to the new residence. Sometimes, the same provider might not service both addresses, in which case you’ll need to cancel existing services and find a new Wichita area service provider.

How to Manage the Logistics of Moving

By following advice from the pros at a local moving company, Wichita, KS, residents can remain organized when moving for the first time.

Rightsize Your Belongings

Before you begin packing, ask yourself whether all of the items you’re transporting to your new home are necessary. In other words, do you still wear every piece of clothing in your closet? And does that old computer monitor on your desk really serve a purpose? If you can lighten your load by rightsizing before a move, you’ll have fewer items to pack and less work to do, overall.

Label Moving Boxes

Staying organized during your first move can seem overwhelming without a plan in place, but using labels is one organizing strategy that’s easy to implement and always effective. Whether you use large white labels and write out all the contents of a box or colored stickers to simply indicate which boxes belong in which rooms of your new home, labels help you stay organized and move efficiently.

Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions is the right choice to help first-time movers in Wichita, KS, move into their new homes. As a local moving company, our years of experience has provided us with plenty of tips that we can pass on to first-time movers. Additionally, we offer moving services to fit all situations. Whether it’s a full-service move that involves packing, loading, and transportation or a single service, such as rightsizing, count on us to perform the job right. Contact us for more information about Rightsize Moving Solutions!

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