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Tips For Moving A Short Distance

Moving a short distance typically requires less travel time and fewer out-of-pocket costs than relocating out-of-state or cross country. But, as with any move, the difference between an easy move and a difficult one depends on preparation. These short distance moving tips from expert movers with Rightsize Moving Solutions can help maximize the benefits of moving a locally.

Local Move In Wichita, KS

Recognize The Benefits Of Short-Distance Moves

Whether you’re planning to move down the street or across town, relocating nearby provides individuals with several opportunities. This includes the ability to explore previously unknown neighborhoods, enjoy better opportunities in a familiar area, and avoid having to acclimate to a brand-new environment. According to moving companies, moving a short distance allows individuals to relocate delicate items, such as plants, that would otherwise have to be left behind in a long-distance move.

Plan The Move Effectively

Moving a short distance can make the idea of taking your belongings in several small trips enticing to some individuals. While each trip can require less time and effort than one trip, multiple trips can lengthen the duration of the process as a whole. Making one trip helps minimize the time required to load, transport, and unload boxes and containers. And if you decide to rent a moving truck to relocate, moving everything at once can help save money on per-hour or per-day rental fees as well as fuel costs.

Rightsize Your Belongings

Over time, items in a home can easily accumulate and make any move a cumbersome process. Simplify this with downsizing belongings before you start packing. As one of the most widely-recommended moving processes, rightsizing can help individuals distinguish between the highly valued and regularly used items to be relocated to the new home from any unwanted or unused items that won’t contribute to your new living space. Rightsizing can reduce the cost, effort, and amount of associated stress by getting rid of any clutter. Moving company Rightsize Moving Solutions is equipped to rightsize homes of all size. Call us today to schedule moving services.

Organize While Packing

Next to rightsizing, strategically organizing items before packing streamlines the process of moving a short distance. Organizing items into groups based on placement in the new home, for example, will help minimize the time required to unpack. If you’re asking yourself, “what’s the best way to minimize strain while moving my parent?” Rightsize Moving Solutions is the answer! Our professional organizers take care of the clutter in your parent’s home, ensuring their belongings are easier to move and unpack during a local move.

Make The Most Of Your Move

One of the best ways to maximize the benefits of your move is to have fun. A local move is the perfect occasion for spending time with those you love while being productive and having fun! Consider hosting a moving, unpacking or housewarming party to celebrate the move. Have cold drinks, nutritional lunch options, and wireless speakers on-hand to make moving with friends, family, and neighbors a memorable event.

Rightsizing: Pass On Belongings As Mementos

When preparing to move, many homeowners experience difficulty in parting with items filled with emotional attachment or nostalgia. It’s easy to keep sentimental items around without considering whether they serve a purpose, such as accommodating a space. But letting go of them can help create a fresh start in a new home and foster the opportunity for memory-filled heirlooms to be passed down. Movers with Rightsize Moving Solutions make rightsizing before a move easier with tips for passing on nostalgic belongings as mementos.

Rightsizing During Senior Relocation In Wichita, KS

Rightsizing Sentimental Items

The goal of rightsizing for senior relocation is to clear out clutter, excess, and unused items accumulated over the years. When performed properly, rightsizing sentimental items can make moving to a new living space an enjoyable process. A key is to differentiate between items that carry significant emotional attachment versus forgotten belongings. While going through belongings, create a pile containing all the important items you have. This can help distinguish those of importance from those that don’t carry much significant emotional value.

Benefits Of Passing Down Mementos

A fantastic way to hold onto items that carry emotional attachment while freeing up space for a new residence is to pass on these belongings as mementos. Handing down valued items to loved ones provides the opportunity to share some of the most memorable experiences with the people you care for the most. Some of the best parts of passing down mementos include the stories attached to each item. When presenting a memento to a loved one, include a story that details what the item means to you and why it’s so important. These stories transcend the tests of time and provide the perfect opportunity to bond and create shared memories with those you love.

Keep The Memories, Without The Clutter

While clearing out the clutter in a home is necessary for any residential relocation, the memories attached to those items are remnants of memorable moments worth holding onto. According to Rightsize Moving Solutions’ senior moving management experts, another great way to keep the memories without the clutter is to create a new way to remember.


Years of accumulated pictures can take up large spaces and easily be forgotten. All too often, movers come across memorable images withered with time. To preserve old photograph collections for long-term enjoyment, consider scanning the images and uploading them to a cloud storage platform. Share access with close friends and family for lasting memories everyone can appreciate together.


For those who enjoy repurposing projects, make a collective collage of memories using old photos, postcards, ticket stubs, and other tactile mementos. Moving companies suggest repurposing stacks of items into memorable pieces of art to help minimize clutter and provide a personalized decorative addition to take with you.

How A Professional Organizer Can Help

Hiring a professional organizer residents trust for rightsizing expertise can help streamline the process of getting rid of clutter and excess items before a move. The team with Rightsize Moving Solutions work alongside each client to help them efficiently and effectively sort through belongings while encouraging them to keep valued memories by sharing them with their loved ones. For more information about our elderly moving services or to schedule a free home consultation, contact us today!