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Girl Moving in Wichita, KS

How To Get Through A Last-Minute Move Like A Pro

In an ideal world, any person who is moving would have a solid few months to shop around for moving companies and make other preparations. But, every so often, events happen in life, from unanticipated job offers to urgent family matters, that cause a person to have to move last minute. While moving with minimal preparation isn’t the perfect scenario, such moves can be well-managed and successful, so long as you adjust the preparations to fit the rushed timetable. Here’s how in four easy steps.

Hire Professional Movers In Wichita

Ideally, you should reserve moving services about three months before the moving day. However, if you’re in a rush, schedule the movers right away to make sure they’ll be available. Our movers can take on new customers with little notice. But, in general, there is a correlation between how early the movers are hired and how smoothly the moving process goes — so be sure to call us sooner rather than later.

Gather Moving Supplies

Our movers in Wichita offer full-service packing, whereby we expertly pack and transport the full contents of your home, from knick-knacks to furniture. Depending on how much time is left before the move, it may be advisable for you to pre-pack some things the movers arrive. Go out and buy boxes, packing foam, and tape first thing so you can focus the rest of the time on packing and organizing. When time is minimal, you can also save a few precious seconds by resorting to life hacks, such as using suitcases for boxes or socks for packing foam.

Rightsize (Quickly)

One of the most widely recommended pre-moving steps is to rightsize your home. This involves eliminating all unwanted items, so your packing process is streamlined. Our movers specialize in rightsizing and can guide homeowners, and especially seniors, through the process. And remember that just because time is of the essence doesn’t mean rightsizing isn’t worthwhile. Our approach can be adjusted to match your circumstances. For instance, instead of selling your unwanted items individually, we’ll show you a faster approach, such as holding one massive garage sale or taking everything to a flea market.

Perform A Moving-Day Review

Moving day is an exciting occasion, but it’s no time for slacking off. Even if you hired movers to do the heavy lifting, you can still keep busy by cleaning and inspecting the house. Renters should also use these final moments to fulfill whatever obligations are left to get back their security deposits.

Rightsize Moving Solutions offers convenient, 24-hour contact hours and online messaging, so it’s easy to reach out to us when you’re in urgent need of moving services. If you’re faced with a last-minute move, don’t delay — contact us to schedule moving services now!

Moving In Wichita, KS, During National Moving Month

May Is National Moving Month: Here’s What To Know

May is the final month before summer, the season when home sales rates increase across the nation and, as a result, people plan to relocate — hence National Moving Month. The holiday isn’t just a celebration of moving, it’s a public service announcement —  a reminder to get familiar with the moving process so you can plan a successful move. Below, Rightsize Moving Solutions, movers in Wichita, KS, provides some helpful tidbits and tips to make your move a success.

Figure Out Which Moving Services You Need

Moving seems straightforward — pack, load, transport, and unload. However, the quality with which the process is performed depends on the movers you hire.

There’s no shortage of moving companies in Wichita, KS. But there is considerable variation in their services and business operations. Some movers perform only local moves; others do only long-distance relocations. Rightsize Moving Solutions offers both for all-encompassing moving solutions.

Our rightsizing services, which involve organizing your home and downsizing your belongings, also set us apart. By reducing the number of belongings you take with you, rightsizing makes for a more efficient, cost-effective move.

Knowing which moving services you need allows you to hire a company that offers and will perform them to your level of satisfaction.

Get Price Estimates & Check Reviews

Just as professional movers might offer different types of moving services, they may also charge different rates for them. Price estimates let you gauge the relative value provided by each moving company. (Note: If a company doesn’t offer free estimates, it’s probably not a reputable business.)

But don’t stop at gathering estimates. Look up the online reviews for each company. If “Movers A” have low rates but bad reviews, and “Movers B” lists higher prices but features better reviews, it’s most likely worth the additional cost to hire the latter for the sake of your peace of mind.

Remember that you’re entrusting a life’s worth of possessions to the movers. Therefore, you want to feel confident that they’ll handle your items with care and deliver them to your new house in the same condition as when they left the original location.

Schedule Moving Services In Advance

National Moving Month isn’t just an occasion to plan a move; it’s also an opportune time of year to schedule one. The highest percentage of moves occur between the months of June and October. During this busy summer moving season, hiring movers can be a challenge due to their fully-booked moving schedule — even if they have openings, the available moving dates may not align with yours.

As long as you call and schedule moving services with enough time to spare, you can be sure the movers are available when you need them. A month’s notice is preferred; three months is even better. If you’re moving this summer but haven’t yet called the moving company, consider this your reminder.

Be In Communication With Your Movers

Good movers maintain open lines of communication with clients. This includes explaining the scope and method of services, outlining costs, and being available to answer questions.

As the client, you also have a responsibility to communicate with the movers. Movers aren’t mind-readers. If you have fragile or sentimental items that need extra care and attention during the relocation, communicate the details to the movers before moving day. The available packing services may include specialized attention to fragile or important items, but the request must come from you.

It’s also a good idea to have the contact information for the moving company and the individual movers working on your job. Depending on how far you’re relocating, you may want to confirm that everything is on schedule during the move. And if it’s not, you’ll want to know this in advance so you can make other arrangements.

Whether you’re moving across town in Wichita or coming to Kansas from another state, Rightsize Moving Solutions has your back. We offer both single moving services and comprehensive moving services, which include including packing, loading, and unloading, and transport — we also specialize rightsizing and senior moves.

Like movers across America, Rightsize Moving Solutions is busy during the summer moving season. Schedule moving services today to ensure we’re available for your upcoming relocation!