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How To Have A Successful Garage Sale

Clutter can easily accumulate in a home over time. Maybe you have a china cabinet full of chipped dishes or a closet full of dated clothing — whatever your source(s) of clutter may be, it can become daunting to address when preparing for a move. But according to movers with Rightsize Moving Solutions, the best way to get rid of clutter (while making a few extra bucks) is by hosting a garage sale! Not only will unwanted items go to new homes, but you can enjoy the extra cash to put towards the move. These tips will ensure your garage sale is a success and allow you to enjoy a lighter, cleaner, and more stress-free move.

Garage Sale Before Moving In Wichita, KS

Decide On The Date

The first step in hosting a successful garage sale is to select the date and time of the event. The majority of sales such as this take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings, but moving companies also suggest hosting a multi-day affair. Having a garage sale on Friday and Saturday ensures that locals with varied schedules can visit your garage sale on one day or both days.

Gather Your Goods

Garage sales provide the perfect opportunity to declutter and downsize your personal belongings before a move. Grab a large box or bin and go through each room in your house to collect items that haven’t been used in months, no longer mesh with your home or personal aesthetic, or you no longer want. Once you’ve accumulated a pile of items to sell, organize them into categories based on type —  such as kitchenware, tools, clothing, furniture, and so on.

Plan To Price

In terms of pricing garage sale items, consider pricing items before the sale date. Not only will it give prospective buyers an idea of what you’re looking to get out of each item, but it will also serve as a starting point for potential price negotiations. This is especially useful for valuable, collectible, and antique items. For pricing less-valuable items, consider pricing based on age, use, and wear. Price new items at 50 percent of retail value, slightly-used items at 30 percent of retail value, and used items at 10 percent of retail value.

Spread The Word

Now that you’ve planned the details, collected your clutter, and priced the items, the last, most important step is to advertise the event. While traditional street signs are invaluable, you should also post the garage sale details online and share it with friends. Moving company Rightsize Moving Solutions recommends uploading pictures of the items to give prospective customers an idea of what to expect.

Ask For Assistance

It often takes a village to have a successful garage sale. If friends and family have planned to stop by, ask them ahead of time to help. How they’re involved is up to you — passing out flyers, organizing items, or helping customers load their new treasures into a vehicle are common ways for others to pitch in!

Prepare Petty Cash

Before the day of the event, be sure to go to the bank to get plenty of change. While some people may have online money transfer applications, such as Venmo and Paypal, the majority of attendees will pay with cash. Have enough $1, $5, and $10 bills to make change for customers carrying large bills.

Keep In Mind The Benefits Of Downsizing

It’s no secret that hosting a garage sale before moving can be lucrative. Another benefit to decluttering the home before packing up can also save unnecessary stress, money on moving, and leave less to pack, unpack, and organize in your new living space. But if you don’t know where to start, call Rightsize Moving Solutions to speak with a professional organizer. We provide an array of services that include creating a moving plan, deciding on furniture layouts, procuring packing materials, and sorting and packing belongings. Once everything is ready to go, our team handles the loading, transporting and unloading of possessions, and can help with organizing your new home.

Tips For Moving A Short Distance

Moving a short distance typically requires less travel time and fewer out-of-pocket costs than relocating out-of-state or cross country. But, as with any move, the difference between an easy move and a difficult one depends on preparation. These short distance moving tips from expert movers with Rightsize Moving Solutions can help maximize the benefits of moving a locally.

Local Move In Wichita, KS

Recognize The Benefits Of Short-Distance Moves

Whether you’re planning to move down the street or across town, relocating nearby provides individuals with several opportunities. This includes the ability to explore previously unknown neighborhoods, enjoy better opportunities in a familiar area, and avoid having to acclimate to a brand-new environment. According to moving companies, moving a short distance allows individuals to relocate delicate items, such as plants, that would otherwise have to be left behind in a long-distance move.

Plan The Move Effectively

Moving a short distance can make the idea of taking your belongings in several small trips enticing to some individuals. While each trip can require less time and effort than one trip, multiple trips can lengthen the duration of the process as a whole. Making one trip helps minimize the time required to load, transport, and unload boxes and containers. And if you decide to rent a moving truck to relocate, moving everything at once can help save money on per-hour or per-day rental fees as well as fuel costs.

Rightsize Your Belongings

Over time, items in a home can easily accumulate and make any move a cumbersome process. Simplify this with downsizing belongings before you start packing. As one of the most widely-recommended moving processes, rightsizing can help individuals distinguish between the highly valued and regularly used items to be relocated to the new home from any unwanted or unused items that won’t contribute to your new living space. Rightsizing can reduce the cost, effort, and amount of associated stress by getting rid of any clutter. Moving company Rightsize Moving Solutions is equipped to rightsize homes of all size. Call us today to schedule moving services.

Organize While Packing

Next to rightsizing, strategically organizing items before packing streamlines the process of moving a short distance. Organizing items into groups based on placement in the new home, for example, will help minimize the time required to unpack. If you’re asking yourself, “what’s the best way to minimize strain while moving my parent?” Rightsize Moving Solutions is the answer! Our professional organizers take care of the clutter in your parent’s home, ensuring their belongings are easier to move and unpack during a local move.

Make The Most Of Your Move

One of the best ways to maximize the benefits of your move is to have fun. A local move is the perfect occasion for spending time with those you love while being productive and having fun! Consider hosting a moving, unpacking or housewarming party to celebrate the move. Have cold drinks, nutritional lunch options, and wireless speakers on-hand to make moving with friends, family, and neighbors a memorable event.

Rightsizing: Pass On Belongings As Mementos

When preparing to move, many homeowners experience difficulty in parting with items filled with emotional attachment or nostalgia. It’s easy to keep sentimental items around without considering whether they serve a purpose, such as accommodating a space. But letting go of them can help create a fresh start in a new home and foster the opportunity for memory-filled heirlooms to be passed down. Movers with Rightsize Moving Solutions make rightsizing before a move easier with tips for passing on nostalgic belongings as mementos.

Rightsizing During Senior Relocation In Wichita, KS

Rightsizing Sentimental Items

The goal of rightsizing for senior relocation is to clear out clutter, excess, and unused items accumulated over the years. When performed properly, rightsizing sentimental items can make moving to a new living space an enjoyable process. A key is to differentiate between items that carry significant emotional attachment versus forgotten belongings. While going through belongings, create a pile containing all the important items you have. This can help distinguish those of importance from those that don’t carry much significant emotional value.

Benefits Of Passing Down Mementos

A fantastic way to hold onto items that carry emotional attachment while freeing up space for a new residence is to pass on these belongings as mementos. Handing down valued items to loved ones provides the opportunity to share some of the most memorable experiences with the people you care for the most. Some of the best parts of passing down mementos include the stories attached to each item. When presenting a memento to a loved one, include a story that details what the item means to you and why it’s so important. These stories transcend the tests of time and provide the perfect opportunity to bond and create shared memories with those you love.

Keep The Memories, Without The Clutter

While clearing out the clutter in a home is necessary for any residential relocation, the memories attached to those items are remnants of memorable moments worth holding onto. According to Rightsize Moving Solutions’ senior moving management experts, another great way to keep the memories without the clutter is to create a new way to remember.


Years of accumulated pictures can take up large spaces and easily be forgotten. All too often, movers come across memorable images withered with time. To preserve old photograph collections for long-term enjoyment, consider scanning the images and uploading them to a cloud storage platform. Share access with close friends and family for lasting memories everyone can appreciate together.


For those who enjoy repurposing projects, make a collective collage of memories using old photos, postcards, ticket stubs, and other tactile mementos. Moving companies suggest repurposing stacks of items into memorable pieces of art to help minimize clutter and provide a personalized decorative addition to take with you.

How A Professional Organizer Can Help

Hiring a professional organizer residents trust for rightsizing expertise can help streamline the process of getting rid of clutter and excess items before a move. The team with Rightsize Moving Solutions work alongside each client to help them efficiently and effectively sort through belongings while encouraging them to keep valued memories by sharing them with their loved ones. For more information about our elderly moving services or to schedule a free home consultation, contact us today!

Five Winter Moving Tips

Winter is a season of holidays and joy for many people. In Wichita movers know winter is also the most challenging time of the year for a move. Still, plenty of people move in the winter with great success. If you’re planning a residential move this coming winter, these tips from Rightsize Moving Solutions can help make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Moving in Winter in Wichita

1. Choosing Wintertime Transportation In Wichita

One of the most challenging aspects of moving in winter is the potential of driving on snowy or icy roads. Therefore, it’s wise to look for moving companies in Wichita, KS, that employ trained drivers with experience driving in winter conditions. Were you to forego hiring movers and rent a moving truck yourself, you would have to contend with driving a large and unfamiliar vehicle in precarious winter-road conditions.

2. Attending To Pets

People who are moving in the summertime will often keep their pets outdoors to allow the movers to pack and load items uninterruptedly. But in winter, outside temperatures can reach below the freezing point. Instead of putting animals outdoors on moving day, better solutions include sequestering pets in a room inside the home or taking the animals to a local pet daycare.

3. Keeping The Home Warm

When moving, it’s always advisable to call and set up an account with your utilities provider to ensure the electricity in your new house or apartment is working before you move in. But in winter, you’ll want to be extra certain the heat is on and working in your new home, otherwise you’ll be stuck unpacking boxes in frigid indoor conditions. And if you are moving locally, make sure to go to the new home a day early to turn on the heat and ensure the place will be warm and cozy on move-in day.

4. Having Winter Clothes Handy

In Wichita moving during the winter always involves questions about weather conditions. In the winter season it’s not always easy to predict how cold it will be, because something as simple as a rapid change from sunshine to cloud cover can cause a considerable drop in temperatures, while snowfall can seem to arise out of nowhere. Instead of packing winter clothes away, keep several cold-weather options, such as  jackets, gloves, hats, and boots set aside, just in case the weather becomes unexpectedly cold or severe on moving day.

5. Hiring Winter Movers In Wichita, KS

The right movers make all the difference when it comes to wintertime moves. Rightsize Moving Solutions is a year-round moving company that excels in wintertime relocations. In addition to expertly packing the contents of your home, apartment, or business, we have quality moving trucks and trained drivers who can transport your belongings both locally and long-distance in the winter. No matter the season, Rightsize Moving Solutions always offers quality moving services at competitive prices. Furthermore, we are a leader in rightsizing services in Wichita, meaning we can work with homeowners to reduce clutter and make their moves more efficient. Contact us to learn more!

Moving to Wichita, KS

Moving To A New City? Check Out These Moving Tips

Moving to a new city is a big event that requires careful planning and research to pull off. Aside from taking care of the basics — hiring movers, finding packing supplies, looking up driving directions — you’ll also need to plan to acclimate to a different environment. Here, Rightsize Moving Solutions offers tips on how to settle into your new city.

Explore Your Surroundings

Whether you’re moving to Wichita or another city, we recommend you get online and research the local area. Pay special attention to the neighborhoods where you might live, as well as nearby attractions.

Neighborhood Research

No matter if you’ve found a neighborhood to live in or are still searching for one, keep your eyes open for key attributes that suggest the area is worth calling home. One aspect to look up is the distance and commute time from the neighborhood to your workplace or school. Additional metrics that tell you about the culture of the neighborhood include crime statistics (safety) and amenities (comfort and convenience). One place to look for this information is Trulia map overlays, which break down areas by all sorts of traits.

Find Local Attractions

It’s amazing what a difference recreation, shopping, and entertainment attractions can make for your quality of life. Knowing where to bring your family for weekend fun, or which restaurants offer casual dining when you don’t feel like cooking can make your daily life run much smoother. Residential movers are knowledgeable sources of such information — their jobs take them all around the city, where they get to explore all it has to offer. You also can find most retailers and venues in your area on Google Maps.

Cost-Of-Living Adjustments

Cost of living is based on the combined prices of everyday goods and services, like utilities, groceries, and housing. Since these costs can vary from location to another, your new city may be less or more expensive than where you currently live. One way to assess the cost-of-living difference is by comparing prices for the same service in both locations. For example, the price of hiring a moving company in Wichita, KS, is often lower than in most large cities. That price difference thus reflects Wichita’s moderate cost of living. But just in case economic research is too daunting, try out the cost-of-living calculator on NerdWallet.

Buying Vs. Renting

Before you move to a new city, you have to decide on a type of housing to live in. The city’s average cost of living along with your income can determine your budget for housing costs. Based on that figure, you can decide whether buying or renting housing makes sense for you. A home purchase is a big investment that takes time to build up equity and is thus best reserved for a long-term resident. An apartment doesn’t build equity but offers more flexible terms suitable for short-term residents or those who like to move to new homes frequently. Once you’ve made a choice to buy or rent housing, your next call should be to schedule moving services so you can get moved in when you need to.

Rightsizing Moving Solutions does both long-distance and local moves within Wichita, KS. We also rightsize senior apartments, family homes, and everything in between. Count on us to get you moved in on time and on budget, so you can start enjoying your new city.

Tiny House Movers In Wichita, KS

5 Reasons To Move Into A Tiny Home

If you’ve never lived in a tiny house, you might wonder what the benefits are to reducing your living space to a size less than 700 square feet. While these houses may be small, they’re brimming with a number of benefits that often surpass those afforded by regular-sized houses, such as higher efficiency, reduced clutter, quick clean-up, and an overall lower cost of living, among other benefits. Tiny house movers with Rightsize Moving Solutions detail five reasons why the tiny home revolution redefines what makes a house the perfect home in Wichita, KS.

1. Lower Expenses

If that two-story house is becoming a burden on your bank account, it may be time to consider a tiny home. Tiny homes tend to be much more cost-efficient when it comes to utilities, rent/mortgage payments, and general upkeep. If you’re OK with taking a loss in square footage, it could turn into a gain financially. With less of your paycheck going to bills and other general housing expenses, many tiny-home dwellers are able to pay off their debts, invest in other opportunities, and even set funds aside for travel or a higher education degree.

2. Higher Efficiency

Less space means fewer resources are needed to keep your home up and running. Compared with the natural materials and resources required to build and run the average-size home, tiny homes require far less lumber, electricity, energy, and produce less carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses. What’s more, living in a tiny house reduces the amount of heating and cooling necessary for keeping comfortable while indoors — reducing your monthly utilities costs as well as your overall ecological footprint. The polar bears will thank you.

3. A New Type Of Neighborhood

Just because you live in a small house, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all of the benefits of a traditional living community. In fact, these homes are often built within tiny house communities that provide homeowners with the opportunity to connect with others who have made the leap into living small. Because most individuals within the community share a mutual respect for preserving the environment and living minimally, moving into a tiny house affords homeowners with the change to connect with others with similar interests and priorities.

4. Less Clutter

Larger homes often lead to greater collections of stuff. Those shelves you used to think would make a great library may have become a stash of books that you’ve never read and have no interest in. With a tiny house, you can eliminate this problem at the root. Less space requires you to be strategic about the items you decide to bring into your home. Most, if not all, of the items in tiny homes generally serve a purpose and provide multiple functions. It’s difficult to be a hoarder when you have nowhere to hoard! Minimalism might not be as scary as you think.

5. Quick Cleaning

No one likes chores, but we all have to do them. However, what if there was a loophole? With a tiny home, you’ve found the cheat code. You can’t clean what isn’t there. With half the space of a regular-size home to clean, you have more time to dedicate to other activities and plans. And with so little to tidy-up, you’re more likely to clean more thoroughly than you would with more space. As with everything in tiny homes, the quality of your efforts transcend the quantity of time you have to dedicate to different tasks.

You might be thinking: “A tiny home sounds great, but I don’t know how to start the downsizing and moving process.” That’s where we come in. Here at Rightsize Moving Solutions, our moving company specializes in helping customers throughout the Wichita area “rightsize” or downsize belongings so that they can make the transition into a smaller residence. So if you or someone you know needs help making the transition from house to tiny home, call Rightsize Moving Solutions today.

Plenty Of Planning Helps Simplify Moves With Young Children

For young children in Wichita, moving is a significant life event. Whether you have a toddler or a pre-teenager, it’s necessary to show your child special consideration while planning a relocation. Fortunately, there are proven steps you can take, depending on the age of your child, to prepare for an upcoming move.

Moving with Children in Wichita

Moving With Infants in Wichita

Since caring for a baby is a full-time job in its own right, packing your home while attempting to monitor an infant would double your workload. One solution is to hire movers in Wichita to pack your belongings, which leaves you free to attend to the needs of the baby. Alternatively, if you plan to pack the home yourself, it’s a good idea to hire a babysitter to take care of the infant as you work. When moving day arrives, be sure to have a baby-bag set aside that contains enough supplies, from formula to wet wipes, to last your baby through the duration of the move as well as the first day living in the new home.

Preparing Toddlers for Moving

Toddlers are old enough to understand that a move is happening yet still too young to participate directly. The hardest part of moving with a toddler is to explain to the child the reasons why the relocation is happening. If possible, bring the child to the new home to become familiar with the new environment before moving day. On moving day, it’s wise to arrange a playdate for your toddler to keep him or her out of the house. Even though moving companies in Wichita, KS, are mindful, it’s best to take precautions and keep toddlers clear of heavy boxes and items being moved.

Young Children & Pre-Teens

When moving with young children and pre-teens, challenges are often emotional in nature. For a child, moving means changing schools and saying goodbye to friends. For parents or guardians in Wichita, movers recommend discussing the relocation in a family meeting with the children. When children understand the reasons for a move, they are often better prepared emotionally for relocation. Having children and pre-teens pack their own rooms or be involved with the move is another helpful way to prepare children for a move. After the move is finished, make sure to arrange activities for your children so they can explore and become acclimated to their new environment.

Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions provides a full-range of moving services to homeowners, seniors, and students. The specific moving services we offer include packing, loading and unloading, and transport. We can also help families rightsize before a move by going through unneeded items, including the toys children have outgrown, in order to declutter and downsize the home for an easier relocation. If you’re looking for a moving company Wichita, KS, families with small children trust for both local and long-distance moves, contact Rightsize Moving Solutions today!

Man Choosing A Moving Company In Wichita, KS

How To Choose A Trusted Moving Company

At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we are asked many questions every day, including “What’s the best way for moving my parents?” This question is common since we specialize in helping seniors rightsize and move on a regular basis. While the answer has several parts, one part is to follow our top four tips for hiring a reputable moving company, and the other is to look out for our five signs of a moving scam.

4 Tips For Hiring A Reputable Moving Company

Unfortunately, moving fraud and theft happen. Recently, a friend told us about their experience after choosing a moving company. With a short timeline to move, she looked up movers in her area, found one of interest, and after some online homework, she hired them. Except her belongings didn’t arrive at her new home until 22 days after she did. Looking back, her situation was rife with red flags from the start, but luckily this story came with an acceptable ending.

Rightsize Moving Solutions wants you to enjoy a stress-free move with these tips on how to hire reputable home movers.

1. Check The Company’s Insurance & Licensing

Insurance and licensing probably sounds boring to you, but if anything is damaged or anyone is injured during the moving process, insurance becomes vitally important. A reputable company not only gladly shares this information when asked, it also has the license number prominently displayed on documentation and paperwork. Also, any company trucks and vehicles should have a registered Department of Transportation number displayed, usually on the doors or sides of the truck near the company name.

2. Look Up The Physical Company Address

One way to sort reputable companies from nefarious ones is by looking up the physical address listed on their website. The address should be full — street number and street name, city, state, zip code, and phone number. We recommend paying the company a visit in person to scout the location and get a feel for whom you’ll be hiring. But if you can’t go in person, search for the address online and use the satellite view of an online map to view the physical location. Is the street view a legitimate business or vacant lot?

3. Review Their Online Reviews

Online reviews are available for nearly every type of business and moving companies in Wichita, Kansas, are no different. Before you choose one, review their online testimonials on popular platforms such as Facebook and Google. If the company has a history of consistent and positive reviews, they’re most likely a reputable company.

4. The Company Uses Consistent & Thorough Communication

From the start, a reputable company will have regular and detailed communication with you. If there’s any change to the agreed-upon timeline or if they’re running late for the in-home estimate, you’re immediately in-the-know with a trusted company. This is especially important if the move has been booked during a peak season when it’s not uncommon for an established company to use rental trucks to fulfill a move. If a run-of-the-mill rental truck shows up at your front door — and you weren’t aware ahead of time — it’s one of the signs of a moving scam.

5 Signs Of A Moving Scam

1. Cash Only Or Full Payment Upfront

Cash only may sound convenient, but it doesn’t leave a paper trail. Using a debit or credit card gives you the option to dispute a flagrant charge but cash can’t be disputed or traced. Also, any company who asks for full payment upfront or an outlandish deposit may disappear with the money, leaving you stranded on moving day.

2. Inappropriate Phone Etiquette

When you call a moving company, whoever answers the phone should be polite and use the company name at some point during the greeting. Using generic terms, such as “the moving company”, and vague wording might mean the company doesn’t really exist as they proclaim.

3. Vague Or Lack Of Information

Even a seemingly small move should come with a long list of questions from any moving company. Vague questions or a lack of interest and information should raise several red flags at once. A good company will ask and explain questions related to:

  • The size, shape, and weight of your personal items;
  • If there are any special circumstances or consideration to account for; and
  • If the move needs extra services, such as temporary storage.

4. No Estimate / No In-Home Assessment

No two moves are the same which means a company that either doesn’t provide an estimate or an in-home assessment before giving an estimate should be avoided. In addition, an estimate should be written then compared with at least two or three other estimates from different companies. Not only does this give you an inventory but it shows the company is accounting for every item that needs to be moved.

5. The Company Isn’t Registered

Every moving company in Wichita, KS, should be registered with the State of Kansas. This allows consumers to look up the company through the state business registration website, but keep in mind the registered name may differ from the do-business-as (DBA) name. A reputable company will provide the registered name if asked.

Tips For Moving Into A Tiny Home

Moving Into A Tiny Home

When you live in a small space, less is more. But despite the minimized square-footage, individuals who live in small homes typically enjoy a number of benefits that make “living tiny” so appealing, including lower living costs, a greater appreciation for belongings, higher energy efficiency, and the ability to easily move anywhere, any time, among many other perks. Paring down to the essentials can be liberating, but the process of transitioning from an average-size home to a tiny one can be overwhelming. From planning and downsizing to packing and moving, the following tips from tiny house movers with Rightsize Moving Solutions detail everything you need to know about moving into a tiny home.

Spend Time In A Small Space

Living in a tiny home means spending much of your time in a compact space. If you’re new to the tiny house movement, it’s important that you know what you’re in for. Spend a day or two in a living space, such as an tiny home on Airbnb, that is a similar in size to your new home. Moving into a tiny home requires a significant amount of research and planning — experiencing this type of space for yourself will give you a first-hand look at how others in the tiny community make use of their space, as well as the essential items they have and the importance of multi-functionality and purpose with personal belongings.

Take Time To Transition

One of the benefits of moving to a smaller living space is packing up, moving, and unpacking fewer items than a regular-size move. But the trail to minimal living is fraught with strategy and logistics. Be sure to set aside an adequate amount of time to plan every aspect of your move, from downsizing your personal belongings based on your new space-requirements and getting rid of excess to packing up your items and calling the movers in Wichita, KS. The average time for planning a move is about 30–60 days — tailor this amount of time based on your unique moving requirements. The more time you set aside for pre-move tasks, the less stressful the overall moving process will be. For more expert tips on how to plan your move, contact Rightsize Moving Solutions.

Minimize Possessions

As a fundamental principle in any tiny home, it’s important to choose items that are multi-use, compact, and quality-made, so you can make the best use of every square-inch of your space. Many people find getting rid of excess to be an enjoyable, liberating process. For others, extreme downsizing can cause stress, indecision, and emotional strain during a move. Minimizing belongings to fit in a tiny home is simple with the help of Rightsize Moving Solutions — we offer expert rightsizing and professional organization as a part of our all-encompassing moving services specialized for small homes.


Moving into tiny homes requires strategic decluttering. It’s good practice to get rid items you no longer want, need, or use, during any residential move, but moving into a tiny home requires homeowners to be deliberate in choosing the limited number of items that they will bring along.

Rightsizing for a tiny home requires residents to purge the majority of items they own by taking an inventory of every belonging and only keeping items that serve purpose and can fit in the new living space. Our rightsizing experts are trained to downsize any excess in your home, from start to finish. During an initial free consultation, we will gather the essential moving details, including the size of the new home and the items you want to keep, and provide you with a tailored list of moving services, which can include a moving plan furniture layout; organizing and packing belongings; transporting and unloading; and a tiny house decoration plan.


Getting rid of clutter and excess doesn’t mean getting rid of your personal style or unique preferences. For many tiny-home dwellers, minimizing cluttered material possessions serves to unveil a more cohesive, personalized aesthetic. As the placement of each item in the home is key to successful tiny living, our professional organizers are available to help you make the best decisions about organizing your tiny house based on your ideal living space, style preferences, and functionality needs. After our rightsizing experts pair down excess items, our team of professional organizers can help you strategically organize your belongings for easy unpacking in the tiny home. Create the tiny home of your dreams with Rightsize Moving Solutions!

Supplement With Storage

While living with a minimalist mindset is often recommended in the tiny home community, getting rid of every piece of excess all at once isn’t the only option. In regards to family heirlooms or other specific items you can’t seem to get rid of, consider supplementing your small living space with a storage unit. Storage units can serve to preserve seasonal items, such as winter clothing or camping gear, that you will need in the near future. While a little extra space can be helpful, avoid cramming the unit completely full. The most useful storage spaces are efficiently organized and maintained with the essential items — much like a tiny home. In addition to tiny homes services, our movers and organizing experts can help you load, unload, and organize each storage item in a way that best suits your needs. We create small house plans from start to finish alongside each client for the ultimate moving experience. Optimize your move — contact us today!

Packing & Moving Service In Wichita, KS

Life Hacks For Moving & Packing

Short of selling or donating all your possessions before moving, there is no way around packing. However, by adopting these life hacks recommended by professional movers in Wichita, you can make the process go much quicker.

How To Pack Your Kitchen For Moving

The kitchen contains more items — from dishes and silverware to cooking utensils and of course foodstuffs — than just about any room in a house or apartment, and thus it poses the biggest packing challenge. But you can save time and prevent food-related messes while packing the kitchen by using these clever tricks.

Capture The Toaster Crumbs

Wichita (and Kansas, generally) is known for its barbecue foods, but it’s the crumbs, left behind in toasters from the slices of toast that people eat with their barbecue, that create potential packing disasters. The trouble with packing a toaster is the openings at the top make it possible for the remaining crumbs at the bottom to fall out when the toaster is turned sideways in the moving box. Cleaning the toaster beforehand minimizes the risks of a mess, but it’s difficult to eliminate all the crumbs. But there is a simple solution: place your toaster in a plastic grocery bag and tie the ends before packing; the bag will capture any loose crumbs and prevent a mess.

Prevent Liquids From Spilling

From dishwashing soap to cooking oil, all kinds of liquids can be found in kitchens. Moving experts suggest the best way to prevent these liquids from spilling during transport is by taking precautions when packing. For example, bottle caps sometimes loosen or pop open inside moving boxes. To create an airtight seal on a bottle of liquid, remove the cap, place a piece of plastic wrap over the entire opening, and then tightly screw on the lid over the plastic. You can keep kitchen liquids organized and prevent them from spilling onto dry goods by packing all the liquids together in a plastic bin.

Defrost The Fridge Before Loading It

Kitchen appliances usually stay behind in the house or apartment. But the one appliance that Wichita moving companies most commonly transport for homeowners is the fridge. If you’re planning to bring your fridge to a new home, first make sure to run the defrost cycle. Defrosting a fridge by letting the freezer ice melt away prevents residual moisture from leaking out and ruining the appliance’s electrical components or causing water-damage to your other belongings.

Packing Tricks For The Bedroom

Some peoples’ bedrooms double as storage lockers. From old clothes and boxes of assorted items packed away in closets to miscellaneous decorations and knick-knacks strewn atop dressers and nightstands, a bedroom can be filled to the brim with all sorts of things. The following tips can help you cut through the mess and cut down on packing time.

Rightsize Before Packing

Confronted with a bedroom that is overflowing with stuff, you might feel a temptation to just pack all the items as you find them, rather than first sorting through everything. However, by taking a half-hour to rightsize the bedroom by categorizing items into “keep,” “sell,” and “donate” piles, you make the move go faster in the long run by decreasing the total volume of things you have to pack.

Don’t Fold Your Wardrobe, Bag It

Moving isn’t like a vacation or a business trip, where you have to fold your clothes and carry them in a suitcase. Instead, the simple and effective way to pack up a closet is to leave the clothes hanging, slide the hangers together, and then pull a large plastic bag over the clothes. Next, tie the bottom of the bag to secure the contents, and don’t forget to tear a hole in the top to expose the curved sections of the hangers so you can hang everything later. Then, when you arrive at the new house, you can just hang the hangers in the closet and remove the bag to reveal your organized wardrobe.

Pack Dresser Drawers With Their Contents

Movers sometimes disassemble large furniture to lighten the load, including by removing dresser drawers and separately loading them. Copying this tactic is a smart time-saving idea, but if you’re tempted first to empty out the drawers, don’t. Instead, keep the contents in place, grab some plastic wrap from the kitchen, and wrap the plastic around the drawers to seal up the open ends, effectively turning the drawers into storage containers. And to protect the drawers during transport, stack them with towels in between each one.

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