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Plenty Of Planning Helps Simplify Moves With Young Children

For young children in Wichita, moving is a significant life event. Whether you have a toddler or a pre-teenager, it’s necessary to show your child special consideration while planning a relocation. Fortunately, there are proven steps you can take, depending on the age of your child, to prepare for an upcoming move.

Moving with Children in Wichita

Moving With Infants in Wichita

Since caring for a baby is a full-time job in its own right, packing your home while attempting to monitor an infant would double your workload. One solution is to hire movers in Wichita to pack your belongings, which leaves you free to attend to the needs of the baby. Alternatively, if you plan to pack the home yourself, it’s a good idea to hire a babysitter to take care of the infant as you work. When moving day arrives, be sure to have a baby-bag set aside that contains enough supplies, from formula to wet wipes, to last your baby through the duration of the move as well as the first day living in the new home.

Preparing Toddlers for Moving

Toddlers are old enough to understand that a move is happening yet still too young to participate directly. The hardest part of moving with a toddler is to explain to the child the reasons why the relocation is happening. If possible, bring the child to the new home to become familiar with the new environment before moving day. On moving day, it’s wise to arrange a playdate for your toddler to keep him or her out of the house. Even though moving companies in Wichita, KS, are mindful, it’s best to take precautions and keep toddlers clear of heavy boxes and items being moved.

Young Children & Pre-Teens

When moving with young children and pre-teens, challenges are often emotional in nature. For a child, moving means changing schools and saying goodbye to friends. For parents or guardians in Wichita, movers recommend discussing the relocation in a family meeting with the children. When children understand the reasons for a move, they are often better prepared emotionally for relocation. Having children and pre-teens pack their own rooms or be involved with the move is another helpful way to prepare children for a move. After the move is finished, make sure to arrange activities for your children so they can explore and become acclimated to their new environment.

Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions provides a full-range of moving services to homeowners, seniors, and students. The specific moving services we offer include packing, loading and unloading, and transport. We can also help families rightsize before a move by going through unneeded items, including the toys children have outgrown, in order to declutter and downsize the home for an easier relocation. If you’re looking for a moving company Wichita, KS, families with small children trust for both local and long-distance moves, contact Rightsize Moving Solutions today!

Tips to Keep Both Homes Safe During a Move

Keep Both Houses Safe During a Move in Wichita, KS

Although professional Wichita movers often accomplish jobs in a matter of hours, some relocations, particularly do-it-yourself projects, can take longer to complete. During a multi-day move, boxes are transferred incrementally from the old to the new house, which means one of the houses is bound to sit unoccupied for a few nights with some of the owner’s belongings inside. Of course, not all unoccupied homes are destined to be the setting of a burglary incident, but there’s no harm in taking preventive measures.

How to Protect Your Wichita Homes

To protect your homes and belongings while moving, consider safety advice from the experts at a moving company Wichita, KS, homeowners trust for its competence and honesty.

Ask a Friend

In addition to hiring moving companies in Wichita, KS, homeowners often enlist the help of friends or family while moving. But rather than having too many people carrying boxes, ask a friend to monitor whichever home is unoccupied. Mail or newspapers strewn around the front-door area and flyers for local restaurants stuck on the door are glaring indications that no one’s home. So give your friend a house key and ask him or her to carry inside any stray mail or papers that accumulate.

The All-Important Curtains

Since curtains hint to people outside that the home is occupied, whichever house you’re not living in should have window curtains hanging throughout the move. Instead of fully closing all the curtains, which could indicate that the homeowners are away, Wichita moving experts recommend arranging them in whichever fashion you typically have them. Inside the home, set furniture where it belongs, but place valuables and moving boxes out of sight from the windows. The idea is to create the illusion that people are living in the house.

Social Media Don’ts

It’s compelling to track the progress of a multi-day move and share it with friends on social media. But posting details publicly about the fact that you’re moving can inadvertently alert the wrong people that your home is unoccupied and hence vulnerable. As a compromise, movers in Wichita advise homeowners to take photos of noteworthy moments while moving, but to refrain from posting them until after the relocation is complete.

The Lights Question

At first, leaving the lights on in your unoccupied house may seem like a measure that would deter the suspicion that no one is home, but in reality the opposite is true. It’s unnatural for most homes to have lights on all night, so if nothing else, a well-lit home draws unwanted attention. What’s more, with the lights on nonstop, the electricity bill for your home will increase during the move. One solution is a lightswitch timer, which can turn the lights on and off at natural hours of the day.

Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions completes moving jobs in a timely fashion, preventing your home from being half-full with items yet unoccupied for a long time. And just in case a move does take several days, our moving experts know tips for keeping your homes safe from trouble. We offer partial or full packing, loading, unloading and transportation services. Rightsize Moving Solutions stands out among movers in Wichita, KS, by also specializing in senior moving and offering rightsizing services. Contact us to learn more!

Couple Moving in Wichita

Moving Day Can Be Stress-Free With These Tips

It is popular belief that moving is stressful, but Wichita movers who handle moving jobs for homes and businesses everyday know that, when condensed to a few basic steps, the act of moving is simple. In other words, moving is not inherently stressful; what makes it so is taking the wrong approach. So, to take stress out of your next move, do what the pros do and take the following steps to stay organized.

Get Prepared Early

Wichita moving pros understand that a successful relocation begins with early preparations. And in moving terms, “early” means months before the move-out date. That said, the way in which you should prepare depends on the type of move.

Professional Move

A professional move involves hiring a company to perform a partial- or full-service move. Ideally, you should select a moving company Wichita, KS, homeowners and businesses have provided good reviews of. The difference between a high- and low-quality moving company lies not only on the prices of moving services but also on the skill and attention shown to the packing, loading, and transportation of your possessions. After finding a reliable moving company, call and schedule services three months in advance, if possible. Arranging for movers early has the dual advantage of ensuring they’ll be available for your moving job while providing a timetable to begin preparing your home and belongings.

Personal Move

When a moving job seems manageable, some people are inclined to personally transport all items rather than hiring moving companies in Wichita, KS, to take care of the hard work and heavy lifting. For obvious reasons, a personal move is generally more stressful than a professional move. One way to minimize this stress is to begin sorting belongings and acquiring packing supplies such as boxes and tape as soon as possible.

Prevent Moving Mishaps

While there isn’t a way to avoid all accidents, movers in Wichita know that some mishaps can be prevented with a bit of smart preparation.

Seal Up Liquids

One leaky shampoo bottle is all it takes to taint an entire moving box of items. To prevent having to open a soggy box on moving day, put all your liquids inside sealable plastic bags to contain potential leaks.

Double-Check Directions

Professional movers double-check the addresses of peoples’ homes and use turn-by-turn GPS while driving. Follow suit and use trusted driving directions while moving, especially for long-distance moves, to prevent the frustration of getting lost while traveling to your new home.

No Social Media Until After the Move

While it’s tempting to share details about your move with friends by posting updates on social media, uploading images that could relay sensitive information, such as the fact that your house is sitting unoccupied with boxes full of valuables inside, isn’t wise. It is best to avoid mentioning the move on social media until after it is finished.

Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions is among the top-rated moving companies in the greater Wichita area. We have managed to develop our reputation as trusted movers by consistently delivering high-quality service for all moving jobs. Whether you hire us just for packing or to handle the entire relocation, you can expect satisfactory results. Moreover, we specialize in senior moving services and rightsizing, the process of streamlining belongings to relocate to a space more properly sized for a person’s lifestyle. Contact us to discuss your carefree move with Rightsize Moving Solutions!