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Tips for Moving a Parent

When you’re helping a parent move to a new home in Wichita, you’re quickly realize it’s not the same as moving yourself. Of course, some of the process will be the same — reviewing moving companies in Wichita, Kansas, is still a good place to start — but you’re also likely to face unique challenges.

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For example, if your parent is moving to a smaller home, rightsizing might be in order. As a Wichita, KS, moving company, we know sorting through items and deciding what to keep or discard isn’t necessarily easy to begin with, and for a parent who’s lived in the same home for decades, the process could be quite emotional. It’s times like these when advice from professional movers like Rightsize Moving Solutions can go a long way.

Rightsizing Your Parent’s Items

What some movers in Wichita, KS, call downsizing, we refer to as “rightsizing.” To rightsize your parent’s home, start by identifying your most essential possessions and work out from there. Eventually, the goal is to sell off, donate, or put into storage all the superfluous items in your home. Decluttering your home also enables you to move more freely and helps you stay organized.

But rightsizing isn’t always easy, and for people who’re very attached to their possessions, like a parent with family heirlooms and decades of memories invested into things might be, the process could stir up emotions. By offering support and being respectful, you can help your parent not only rightsize but to thrive because of it.

Offer Emotional Support

An item that sat in the bottom of a cardboard box in your parent’s attic for the last 30 years might seem unimportant to you, but when your parent sees it again after all that time, that item might suddenly take on all the significance in the world. Especially for a parent who is moving and downsizing after losing a spouse, any possession related to that significant other might be hard to let go. When trying to rightsize items that have emotional weight for your parent, following a few tips can help.

Upon encountering an item with an emotional attachment, it can help to pause and share in the memory together. Sometimes a few minutes of reflection with an item can help a parent cope with letting go of the object. You might also find it helpful to remind your parent about the benefits of selling or donating an item and how that item will continue to be appreciated by someone else. In some cases, the best way to handle downsizing is by hiring a professional, such as a moving company for seniors, to offer objective guidance.

Packing & Moving Tips

Once you’ve completed rightsizing with your parent, the next phase is the actual packing and moving of the remaining items. It’s important to stay organized. Labeling your boxes or using a color-coded system can help you unload and unpack more quickly. Also, take pictures of the way furniture is put together before you disassemble it and keep all the hardware in labeled plastic bags.

While packing, save space by using existing suitcases, containers, or boxes before resorting to moving boxes. And whether you use a moving truck or another vehicle, it’s a good idea to load the most important boxes last so you’ll be able to unload them first. Similarly, packing an overnight bag with essentials like toiletries, clothes, and food can help make the first day in the new home more comfortable.

Choosing Moving Services in Wichita, KS

There are many Wichita movers, but whether you’re moving a parent or trying to downsize their home, it’s best to hire a company with the expertise you’ll need. At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we help people across the greater Wichita area with organizing, packing, and loading and unloading. Contact us before your next move and let us make moving easier, more organized, and an overall better process.

Packing & Moving Tips That Really Help

The time for your big move has arrived. Certainly, you’re excited about the new opportunities that await you. However, concerns over the amount of work it’ll take to transfer all your belongings to your new place is also in the back of your mind. On the one hand, it’s good you’re thinking seriously about how to organize, pack, load, and, if necessary, downsize the items in your current home. On the other hand, if you’re feeling anxious about getting started, we’ve got some helpful moving tips. Actually, these tips work so well that we use most of them at our Wichita, KS, moving company. Hopefully, they’ll make your move a bit smoother, as well.

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Organizing Tips

Taking a little time now to keep everything in your current home organized goes a long way toward speeding up your move-in time at your new place. For example, before you start packing things into boxes, you can use a few tricks to keep like-items together. Color-coding or labeling your boxes for different rooms or even areas of the same room will help you know what items to put together now and where to unload the boxes later. This same system works for your furniture, as it lets your movers in Wichita, KS, know what pieces go in each room.

Although some of your furniture can move as is, you might have to dismantle larger pieces for shipping. In these cases, putting all the hardware in sealed lunch bags with labels on them will ensure you can easily reassemble your furniture later with no issues. Taking pictures of how the furniture goes together will also help you know how to put it together again. But that advice isn’t limited to furniture. Snapping pictures of the cords or wires that connect your various electronics together will likewise make setting them up again a breeze.

Packing Smarter

Before you delve into your moving boxes, take a moment to set aside those items you’ll need right away when you move into your new house. An overnight bag with toiletries, a change of clothes, and snacks is always good to have for your first night. Also, other essential items you’ll need right away, maybe the coffee machine and some cooking utensils, can go into a clear plastic bin that’s distinct from your other boxes.

As for the packing itself, there are a few tricks that’ll lessen the amount of moving supplies you’ll need as well as help you keep your possessions secure in transit. To start, make sure to pack up all your storage containers before using moving boxes. Also, wrapping breakable items in clothing like socks helps cut down on bubble wrap and boxes while still protecting your things. Putting your other clothes that you hang in the closet into a large plastic bag and leaving the hangers on, meanwhile, is a faster way to pack your and keep your wardrobe sorted.

Similarly, if you have a dresser or other furniture with full drawers, rather than emptying them out, simply cover their tops in plastic wrap to secure everything. And while you’re at it, a bit of plastic wrap under the caps of bottles with liquid in them will help prevent leaks during your move. Probably the biggest source of messiness, though, is a fridge that wasn’t defrosted all the way, so if you’re taking yours, be sure to unplug it well ahead of when your Wichita, KS, movers start loading it into their truck.

Loading & Unloading Made Easy

You’ve done a good job of staying organized while packing up everything, so why stop now? Applying that same organization to the loading process can also make your move easier by speeding up the unloading. For example, having everything packed up before you start loading the truck helps you keep the boxes organized and makes your loading go faster. Also, by taking the time to load your most important items into the truck last, you’ll be able to have access to them first at your new home. However, consider unloading your TV or computer last, if you can help it, because the fewer temptations you have to take a break, the more likely you’ll be to power through and finish unloading quickly.

Having the right moving tools like a dolly can also speed up the time it takes to load and unload the moving truck. You can rent dollies from a moving company in Wichita, KS, and, trust us, your back will certainly thank you. However, some of the suitcases and containers you used to pack might already have wheels, so be sure to check before lifting them. Also, it goes without saying that the more people you have helping to carry boxes, the easier the loading process will be. Just keep in mind that even though free assistance from friends is nice to have, if you own a lot of fragile and expensive items, it’ll probably pay off in the long run to have professional movers take care of moving these.

Rightsizing Your Belongings

The process of “rightsizing” is something that we encourage for everyone. Basically, when you have more possessions than is suitable for the space in your home, doing a little downsizing can go a long way toward improving your quality of life. It’s amazing the impact that reducing clutter has on your ability to stay organized going forward as well as your happiness at home. However, one of the best times to consider rightsizing is prior to moving. By identifying your non-essential possessions and selling, donating, or putting them into storage, you can cut down on the amount of work you’ll have to do while moving.

Choose the Right Wichita Moving Company

Depending on your situation, some or all of these moving tips could really benefit you. Of course, moving is still a big job. Depending on how much and what kind of moving help you need, Rightsize Moving Solutions has a range of service packages available in Wichita and surrounding areas. From getting organized and packing everything up to loading and unloading an appropriately sized moving truck, we can be with you through one or every step of the process. Something we’re especially proud of, though, is our rightsizing service. Particularly if you’re moving into a smaller home or apartment, a free consultation about rightsizing could be advantageous to you.