Commercial Movers In Wichita, KS

At Rightsize Moving Solutions, our goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction during each stage of the commercial moving process. The focus of our Wichita moving company is to provide professional relocation services throughout Kansas as well as helping out-of-state customers relocate their businesses to the Wichita region. We work diligently to help you create a moving plan that fulfills your company’s relocation needs, unique moving preferences, and budget. Our moving services are all-encompassing to fulfill all of your commercial moving needs for minimized downtime to your business — whether you need assistance sorting through belongings or help with packing and loading the moving truck, Rightsize Moving Solutions has you covered.

How To Choose The Best Commercial Moving Service

We understand that your business’ moving needs depend on the requirements of your unique company. You may have heavy desks, electronics, and cubicles or various retail hardware to consider. Our Wichita movers will protect all of your business’ items, load and unload them from the moving truck, and organize them within the new location. We will work with you to craft a moving plan customized to the needs and layout of your office, so every detail is completed according to your wishes. Schedule commercial moving services today!

Full & Partial Packing

Moving your business takes time, not to mention the hours it takes to pack the entire contents of your office. But what if you had help packing even part of your commercial space? The moving experts with Rightsize Moving Solutions specialize in efficient and effective commercial packing and organizing. Leave the heavy lifting to our team of commercial movers — we cautiously handle all types of commercial items for business moves of every size.

Professional Organizing

Sorting through all of the items accumulated in your office space can be a difficult task to tackle on your own. In addition to moving services, we also offer professional organizing services to help you declutter and efficiently organize your office. Whether you require assistance sorting through commercial product stock prior to the move or you need help with unpacking for the optimal commercial layout, our certified organizers can help.

Truck Loading & Unloading

Organizing your business’ personal items onto a moving truck can seem like trying to put together the pieces of a complex puzzle. Our local movers can help make the process of truck loading and truck unloading easy with professional services customized to your commercial move. We have the experience as well as all of the tools required to ensure that each of your items is safely loaded and efficiently unloaded.

Corporate Relocation

Whenever an employee needs to relocate for a new position or transfer to another business location, we can help simplify the process of corporate relocation. We customize each move to individual employees’ needs to match your business’ policy. Each employee has different preferences and family situations, and we will work with both parties to find a moving plan and corporate moving services that work best for everyone.

Three Commercial Moving Tips

1. Hire Commercial Movers

When choosing from a list of commercial relocation companies, make sure you choose one that has at heart your company’s best interests. A negative moving experience can increase the downtime required to relocate your business, possibly resulting in lost profits and damaged customer relations. Rightsize Moving Solutions prioritizes the satisfaction of each customer by providing high-quality moving services that cover every aspect of a commercial relocation.

2. Organize Your Items

Before the commercial movers arrive, make sure your items are organized into groups. Sort items by necessity to the function of each item and the desired location of each item within the office. Thereafter, proceed to label boxes accordingly. When you move into the new space, you will be able to quickly access the equipment and paperwork needed right away. Our Wichita movers can help you with every stage of a commercial move — contact us today.

3. Prepare The Area

If you have electronic equipment, be sure to disconnect all cables and detachable parts and individually place them in plastic bags. Label the bags and tape them to the corresponding machines to facilitate an easier set-up process. In addition, don’t forget to clear our the bookshelves and storage cabinets before moving day. Our organizers can help you ensure each item is secure for the move and can be easily unpacked and situated in the new space.