Organizing Your Home for a Move

We all have a tendency to acquire a vast assortment of items throughout our lives — prizes, awards, knickknacks, tokens that bring back special memories, and many other items that we often keep due to the memory behind the item and not really because the item has any real function. It’s these types of personal belongings that can be difficult to donate or throw away when it’s time to organize your home or downsize to a new home.

These items of nostalgia result in cluttered houses and apartments, but moving presents an ideal scenario for organizing your home. You will be pulling out every item you own in order to pack. Take advantage of this situation by getting rid of unnecessary belongings. If this task is too daunting to attempt yourself, Rightsize Moving Solutions is here to help.

At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we help you organize your whole home, including Room Makeovers, Clutter Removal, Custom Office Organization and Organization of Storage Areas and Small Spaces. We also specialize in Closet Organizing, Kitchen Organizing, Living Room Organizing, Bedroom Organizing, Storage Area Organizing and Garage Organizing.

Downsizing Your Belongings

There are many reasons for moving to a smaller living space or what we call “rightsizing”. Whatever your reason, if you are moving to a smaller home, apartment or living area, you’ll need to go through all of your belongings and likely decrease what you have so that the items you keep will fit in your new lodgings. At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we have experience in helping elderly members of the Wichita, KS community downsize belongings so that they can move into smaller homes, move in with family members, or make the transition to an assisted living facility.

Downsizing or Rightsizing can seem overwhelming. Not only will you need to sort through most of what you own, but it can be an emotional experience after losing a loved one or realizing that you might need to toss trinkets that carry good memories. That’s where our organizing experts come in. We’ll go over every item with you with an unbiased approach. Sometimes all you need is a partner to tackle downsizing!

Organizing While Packing

Perhaps the most efficient time to sort through your possessions is while you are packing. You will already be removing each item from its resting place so it is the perfect time to determine whether it is actually used or wanted anymore. If you are able to part with a fair amount of belongings, you will reduce the amount of effort needed to pack and move. Rightsize Moving Solutions can assist you by helping you decide what to keep and by organizing possessions into boxes which will coordinate with their placement in your new home.

Specialized Organizational Services by Room

Just as every room type has a different function, each also requires different organizational methods. The skills needed to arrange an office vary greatly from those needed for a kitchen. At Rightsize Moving Solution, we combine our knowledge of how each room typically functions with your personal needs to create an arrangement that best suits each room. After our Custom Office Organization package, you will appreciate a clutter-free and streamlined office to make your business operations more efficient. We can help you minimize personal mementos and organize large piles of paperwork. If you have a storage unit, ask us about our Garage Organizing, Closet Organizing, and Organization of Storage Areas and Small Spaces. We can help you dispose of any unnecessary belongings and pack the remaining items in a way that reduces the amount of space it consumes.

Depending on your needs, we offer specialized packages for each room in your house. Kitchens can quickly fill up with an abundance of various cooking utensils and it can be difficult to find the right item when you need it. Our team can help you reduce the number of cooking accessories you have, dispose of the mismatched tupperware lids we all seem to have and arrange your cabinets and drawers in a way that will make cooking a breeze.

Your living room is meant to host friends and family, but if your surfaces are covered with knickknacks, your living room may appear messy even after you finish cleaning. With our Living Room Organizing service, our specialists can help you create a room perfect for hosting parties, dinners and Game Day get-togethers.

Bedrooms are the place you come to unwind every night. However, if your bedroom is disorganized and messy, you may have difficulty finding the peace you are searching for. Let Rightsize Moving Solutions find new locations for items that are typically thrown onto the floor, organize bookshelves and drawers, and declutter your closet so your bedroom can become the haven you need it to be.

Our organizational services are extremely beneficial if you are in the process of moving. After all, why bring disorganization and clutter to your new home? Instead, enjoy the ease that accompanies an organized and well-functioning arrangement that our services provide you with. You do not have to wait until you move to become organized! If you notice your home has become increasingly chaotic over the years, your children are moving out or switching rooms, or you are just looking for something different, our organization services and Room Makeovers may be just what you need.

Organizing After Unloading

Now that you’ve moved, it’s time to organize! This can be a tiring process for many people, resulting in items and boxes getting stuffed into cabinets and closets to deal with later. But organizing as you unload after a move can save you time and energy!

At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we help you unpack faster by staging your belongings and boxes as we unload. We’re happy to move items into the room you designate or provide tips for where to store items you don’t use often. With each item, piece of furniture, and box in the room where it needs to be, unpacking is a breeze.

Organizing After Unpacking

Now that you have everything in your new home, where will it all go? Are you too busy to make everything fit properly? Rightsize Moving Solutions can do it for you. We will work with you to come up with a layout that you feel comfortable with and will make you feel at home in your new place. When you organize your home right away, it’s more likely to stay organized. Let us help you get off to a right start when it comes to staying organized!

Your Wichita, KS Moving & Organizing Company

If you are in need of a professional organizer in Wichita, KS, choose Rightsize Moving Solutions. Our company is a member of:

  • National Association of Professional Organizers
  • Institute for Challenging Disorganization
  • Wichita / Sedgwick County Hoarding Coalition

And our certifications include:

  • ICD — LEvel 1 Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization
  • ICD — Level 1 Certificate of Study in Basic Hoarding Issues
  • 2014 Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist (CRTS)

We understand how difficult it can be to make the decision to get rid of items you have had for years, but we also know that rightsizing is often necessary and a healthy step in the right direction. We’ve been providing organization services, tips and help to Wichita, KS for years. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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