Environmentally Friendly Moving Tips

Like almost any other urban activity, moving involves materials and processes that can pollute the ecosystem. And while it may not be possible to eliminate the environmental impact of moving, there are many ways to minimize it. Rightsize Moving Solutions is the moving company Wichita, KS, homeowners can go to for tips on how to reduce their carbon footprints and conserve natural resources while getting the job done efficiently. Here are some ideas.

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Rightsize Your Wichita Home

Rightsizing involves identifying and getting rid of unneeded items to declutter a home and/or facilitate moving into a smaller space. As you review the services offered by moving companies in Wichita, KS, look for one that would help you rightsize. Fewer belongings to pack and transport means fewer resources used during a move.

Conserve Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are made from cardboard, which is derived from trees, a natural resource. To reduce environmental impact while packing and unpacking, order as few boxes as possible. Using suitcases, duffle bags and other luggage as packing containers is a good way to start. Wichita moving companies can also provide you with secondhand boxes, if available. After you’re settled into the new home, responsibly recycle the boxes used or keep them for future need.

Recycle Unwanted Household Items

Something movers in Wichita often encounter is homeowners calling junk removal services to clear out unwanted household items. But things that are thrown away in the garbage typically end up in landfills. So, as an eco-friendly alternative to discarding your unwanted possessions, consult your rightsizing specialist about how to donate or properly recycle these items.

Use Nontoxic Cleaners

Because cleaning is much easier when a space is empty than when it is furnished, it’s sensible to clean your new home before unloading and unpacking boxes. To minimize environmental burden while doing so, be selective with cleaning supplies. Many conventional products contain hazardous chemicals that can negatively impact indoor air quality and the surrounding ecosystem. Instead, look for cleaners made with natural, biodegradable ingredients that have little to no repercussions.

Hire an Efficient Moving Company

To minimize the impact of your relocation, choose environmentally conscious Wichita movers who make an effort to conserve resources. In contrast to movers who waste packing supplies or unnecessarily take multiple trips in the moving truck, efficient movers use smart packing and loading techniques and attempt to deliver all your possessions in a single trip.

Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions is an efficient, professional, and environmentally friendly company that offers both comprehensive and specialized moving services in the greater Wichita area. As full-service movers, we can take care of every step of your residential or commercial relocation, including packing, loading, unloading and transportation. We also specialize in rightsizing services and senior relocations. Contact us to learn more about Rightsizing Moving Solutions!

Rightsizing Tips for Seniors


In the course of their lives, seniors can accumulate many possessions. But when a home is overcrowded or a senior is moving to a smaller home, it’s appropriate to look for moving companies Wichita, KS residents trust to provide rightsizing services.
Synonymous with downsizing, rightsizing is the process by which people sort through their possessions and determine which ones merit keeping. Rightsizing can be challenging for anyone, but especially for seniors who have a lifetime’s worth of belongings. But with a few tips from the professionals at a local moving company Wichita seniors can rightsize their homes efficiently.

Create Lists

In Wichita moving companies use lists to keep track of items during a move, and lists are also helpful for rightsizing the belongings in your home. Listing out all the items you own lets you put into perspective the full inventory of the belongings you have to rightsize. Also, it can be easier to inventory items, such as furniture, clothes, or artwork, when they’re written out on paper.

Make Labels

While moving in Wichita, residents often use labels to identify where in their new homes boxes should be unloaded, but labels can also be useful for rightsizing. By placing a colored sticker on an item, for example, you can easily classify it’s status, such as green for items you’re keeping, red for items you’re letting go of, and yellow for items you’re not sure what to do with.

Go Room-By-Room

In Wichita movers go room-by-room after packing up a house to make sure no items were left behind. To properly rightsize a house, you should also look through the items in every room, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. It’s also important to check inside cabinets and in the backs of closets because these hard-to-reach places may contain items that no one has seen in a long time.

Decide What to Keep

During the rightsizing process, the items worth keeping are often those possessions that are essential to your life. For instance, clothing items that you like the look of but haven’t worn in years aren’t essential. Whereas items you use everyday, such as a favorite bed pillow, are worth keeping. Certain sentimental items, such as a family photos, are also worth holding onto, but if you have boxes of family photos, try choosing just a few of your favorites to keep. And remember, rightsizing is not a punishment but a process that leads to a decluttered and comfortable home.

Sell, Donate, or Toss Items

Some of the ways a senior moving specialist would recommend selling the items you’re not keeping include a garage sale, a booth at a flea market, or an ad in the newspaper or online classifieds. Donating leftover items to charity is another option that lets you help people in need and get a tax deduction. Some charities, such as Salvation Army and Goodwill, even offer local pickup services for donated items. On the other hand, if you find yourself with a lot of trash or debris to toss out, one solution is to hire a junk removal service and have the workers carry everything away for you.

Senior Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions is a full-service moving company serving individuals and families throughout the Wichita, KS, area. Our professionals can handle your move from start-to-finish, including packing your household, transporting your items, and unloading everything in a safe and organized manner. Or you can hire us to assist with one area of your move, such as packing and loading. The team at Rightsize Moving Solutions are also senior moving specialists, who have expertise in helping seniors and their families with rightsizing and relocations. Contact us to learn more!

Hot Tips for Cold-Weather Moves

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Winter is not the most popular or ideal season for moving, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until spring to start enjoying life in your new home. Although moving among the extreme temperatures of Kansas winters can be challenging, it is doable, especially with help from moving companies in Wichita. Follow these tips from Rightsize Moving Solutions to make loading, transporting and unloading your belongings easier while taking the appropriate precautions.

Check the Weather Periodically

Keep an eye on weather forecasts before and during the day(s) of your move. Be wary of potential incoming storms or heavy snowfall and make any necessary adjustments to the schedule. Plan travel routes carefully and have a backup option in case the first one is closed because of inclement weather. On the day of the move, start loading belongings into the moving vehicle early in the morning, keeping in mind that it gets dark earlier during winter and temperatures are more bearable during daytime.

Pack With Additional Protection

If you own delicate items that would normally have to be wrapped before transportation, provide extra protection for them when moving during winter. When they are exposed to extreme temperatures, fragile materials such as antique glass can become even more brittle and prone to cracks and breakage. Pack them carefully using layers of paper, foam or cloth as padding. Blankets work well because, in addition to protection from bumps or scratches, they provide insulation. If possible, take fragile items with you in a heated car rather than the cold moving van. Moreover, try to minimize the stress caused by abrupt and sharp temperature changes as you move them from a warm home or vehicle into the cold outdoors and the back inside. For instance, leave glass pieces in less warm areas of the home, such as the basement or laundry room, for a day or two before unwrapping them.

Clear Walkways of Ice

Snow, ice and water covering the driveways and sidewalks on your path between the moving vehicle and the house are serious hazards. Make sure somebody removes them from the entrance to your current and future homes before loading and unloading moving boxes. Pouring a solution of rock salt and hot water on the ground is one way to prevent snow and ice from sticking to the concrete. In addition, protect the walkways inside the home. Cover hard floors with heavy-duty paper and carpets with rug runners to protect them from wet footprints. Place a doormat at the entrance and remind your family and Wichita movers to use it to reduce the chance of slipping while carrying heavy boxes inside.

Keep Winter Supplies Handy

A pro tip for moving in Wichita is to keep winter supplies such as shovels, windshield scrapers, salt and mittens in your car, separated from the other boxes. Should you need them on the day of the move, you won’t waste time going through all your packed belongings to find them. Also, keep a first-aid kit and a list of emergency contacts on hand.

Stay Warm

Carrying heavy items in and out the house or up and down stairs for hours could leave you feeling fatigued and overheated. Instead of impractical, bulky winter coats, dress in several layers so you can feel lighter and be able to quickly add and remove them throughout the day. Make hot beverages such as coffee, cider or chocolate and share them with whoever is helping you move.

Have a Backup Plan

Before moving, make sure the lights and heat are working in the new home. In any case, outline potential places where you or some of your belongings could spend a night or two if moving in takes longer than expected after moving out from your previous home or, in the case of a storm, until the weather subsides.

Hire a Professional

Moving can be stressful and tiresome enough on a normal day. When severe weather is added to the equation, don’t strain yourself trying to complete all the heavy-duty work alone. Wichita moving company Rightsize Moving Solutions can assist you throughout the process. From packing to loading and unloading, we are here to help you settle into your new home faster. Call us today for an appointment!

Moving Into Assisted Living or Nursing Homes

Moving your elderly parent or relative into an assisted living facility or nursing home takes good communication and planning. Your loved one may be reluctant about moving to an unfamiliar environment, and moving the contents from a home that’s been occupied for a long time to a smaller room in a nursing home presents unique logistical challenges. For these reasons, many adult children and relatives have found it necessary to hire senior relocation companies that can offer expertise in the relocation of an elderly person.

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At Rightsize Moving Solutions, our movers can assist with organizing a senior’s move to a new home in the Wichita, KS, area. And just in case you’re not sure of how to handle other aspects of what could be an emotional relocation for your loved one, our company also has expertise in overcoming common obstacles you might encounter while moving an elderly relative into assisted living or a nursing home.

Obstacles Seniors Face While Relocating in Wichita

For seniors relocation in Wichita, KS, can be challenging in several ways. For instance, elderly parents or relatives often have lived in the same home for a long time and have accumulated many belongings that have emotional value. Yet, moving into an assisted living facility can mean giving up the familiar home and many of the possessions your loved one has coveted for years. Thus, your emotional support is often critical for aiding an elderly parent or relative through a relocation. Meanwhile, a moving company can help with the organization and logistics of the move.

Organizing Challenges

Chances are a nursing home won’t have the same space as your relative’s current home. Thus, making some choices about what possessions to keep or let go of is inevitable. A senior relocation service can help with the downsizing process. At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we offer a rightsizing service, where our specialists work with clients of all ages, including elderly homeowners, to reduce the amount of belongings. Rightsizing involves keeping the items essential to a person’s life and selling, donating, or discarding the rest. Predictably, your parent or relative will be attached to some of the items he or she has owned for a long time. But spending a few moments sharing in the memories of certain items with your loved one, or discussing how someone else can use the items, can make letting go of certain belongings easier.

Moving Logistics

Seniors accumulating many possessions over long periods of time can also make the logistics of a move challenging. An important part of senior moving management, for example, is sorting through a lot of diverse items and then packing them safely for relocation.

Packing for a Move

One or more sons or daughters has wondered, “I’m moving my parent in Wichita, but how do I start packing?” One helpful tip for packing is to utilize existing storage, such as suitcases or plastic bins, before resorting to moving boxes. Elderly relatives are likely to have many storage devices that can act as carriers for their belongings and cut down on moving supplies. Meanwhile, another tip is to keep items from the same room packed into the same set of bins, which makes it easier to keep items organized during unloading. Also, setting aside a box with essential items for the first one or two days of the move, including toiletries and a change of clothes, can ensure your loved one is comfortable during the early stages of moving into the nursing home.

Transporting Items

After packing, the final challenge is relocating your parent or relative’s belongings. While some movers can use their personal vehicles to carry items, most people find that hiring moving companies in Wichita to transport items in a truck is easiest. At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we have processes for loading and unloading boxes that make the relocation of your parent or relative more efficient. As a tip, load the most essential items into the moving truck last, as this enables you to unload and use them first. Additionally, take photos of anything you plan to disassemble, such as furniture, because having references makes reassembling items easier. Also, elderly people can grow used to the layout of decorations on a table or pictures on a wall in their previous homes, so taking photos of how things are laid out can enable you to organize those items at the nursing home in way that’s familiar and welcoming.

Moving Company for Seniors in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions provides full-service moving assistance to seniors as well as anyone moving in the Wichita, KS, area. From organizing items in the house and packing them efficiently to loading boxes into our moving trucks and unloading them at the new location, our company can handle every aspect of your next move. Even if you have much of your relocation covered, we can still offer expertise in one particular area. Our rightsizing services, for example, have helped people of all ages declutter their homes by organizing their possessions. Regarding seniors who are moving in Wichita, rightsizing is particularly useful for identifying what items are essential or not for taking into assisted living. Contact Rightsize Moving Solutions to learn how we can help with your next move!

How to Rightsize Your Parents’ Home

Moving can be stressful in any case, but it can be especially challenging when the relocation is being made into a smaller home. Seniors relocation in Wichita, KS, is common when all adult children have moved out or after the death of one parent. The emotional toll these circumstances usually take on the people attempting to relocate can delay the packing and moving process, especially if the family has lived in the same home for several decades and accumulated countless belongings and memories there. If your parents need help as they transition into their new home, these tips from Wichita moving companies describe ways in which you can support and assist them.

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Prioritize Your Belongings

The goal of rightsizing is to eliminate the need to rent a storage unit after relocating to a smaller home. Upon making the decision to move, prepare for a thorough session of sorting and purging your belongings. As a general guideline, get rid of anything you have not used or worn in the past year, unboxed since the last move, or left neglected in what we call “junk drawers.” If you forgot it existed, you probably don’t need it. Make a list of the things that will be absolutely necessary in the new home, and classify the rest in order of importance. Moreover, be specific while labeling all boxes. For example, instead of “clothes,” write “winter coats,” “scarves,” and “socks.” Taking the time in this early stage to be meticulous with sorting and labeling will make unloading and unpacking much easier.

At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we know how emotionally and physically demanding getting rid of old possessions can be. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Our senior relocation service includes assistance through every step, from decluttering to packing, transporting, unloading and setting up your new living area according to the plan we make together so that it quickly feels like home.

Measure Areas of the New Home

Before packing, measure all the furniture you plan to take and compare it to the room and doorway dimensions of the new place. This can help you choose to leave behind anything that won’t physically fit in the new home or that will take up more space than what should be allotted for it. Plan according to the differences in number of rooms and size of cabinets, closets and rooms. Consider any special needs, such as an exercise room or a small work station, and share them with senior relocation companies so they can help make space for them in your new home.

Donate Items

When it comes to things you like but don’t use frequently, sometimes gifting them to a loved one or someone in need can make it easier to let go. You can find comfort in knowing that somebody who needed them more will be using them now. Homeless shelters, crisis centers, schools and other organizations almost always need, welcome and are thankful for contributions which can help you rightsize your belongings in a meaningful way.

Find New Ways to Remember

If you have large collections of items that hold emotional value but are taking up too much space, pick one or two mementos to take with you and find creative, new ways to immortalize the rest. For example, make a poster or mosaic with pictures of the entire collection and keep that instead. Upload old photos to a cloud storage platform and share the link with family members around the world to avoid having to transport too many portrait frames.

Choose the Best Wichita, KS, Moving Company

Among moving companies in Wichita, Rightsize Moving Solutions provides quality senior moving management. With several certifications from organizations specialize on senior relocation, we have the training and experience required to understand the emotions and difficulty involved in moving as a senior. Call us today for a consultation!

Senior Relocation in Wichita, KS

As we age, the homes we’ve spent our entire lives in can become less ideal. The place that was once comfortable may now be difficult to navigate for elderly family members or too expensive to maintain, especially if it used to house a large family and now seems too big for the remaining occupant(s) after loved ones have moved out or passed away. Regardless of the reason for deciding to relocate as a senior, working with a moving company in Wichita, KS, can make the process significantly easier for all parties involved. Rightsize Moving Solutions can help your aging relatives downsize to a smaller home, move in with family or relocate to an assisted living facility as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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Finding a New Place For Seniors

A new home depends on the family’s dynamics and financial situation as well as the complexity of the seniors’ needs. Having seniors move in with their younger relatives can be a an effective option if everyone agrees to share the costs and if the home is big enough for everybody to have some personal space to retreat to for privacy. However, family dynamics can be complicated, and if the relationships among members have a shaky history, residing in the same household may exacerbate problems. On the other hand, relocating elderly relatives to live on their own in a smaller house can work if they are still capable of living independently.

Distance is an obstacle for children who need to check on their aging parents regularly. And if neither living on their own nor moving in with relatives seems feasible for the seniors, and if the family has the financial means necessary, nursing homes and other assisted living facilities are an option. If you choose this route, communicate with the seniors to make sure they have a positive outlook and don’t associate living at a facility with abandonment from family. Contentment with the place of relocation is essential for a smooth transition and successful move.

Rightsizing A Parent’s Home

Whether the senior will be relocating to a new place, a family member’s home, or a facility, chances are they will have to get rid of some of their belongings to adjust to a shared or smaller living space. Objects that have not been used, looked at or repaired in several months or years are probably best left behind. Consider donating items that function well and, although beloved, will not fit comfortably in the new home. Knowing somebody will put them to use and be grateful for them can make letting go easier.

Another important part of rightsizing is measuring room, closet and cabinet dimensions to make sure everything you plan to take will fit. Sit down with movers in Wichita to plan these details and create a visual model of how furniture and other belongings would be distributed in the new space.

Offering Emotional Support

The first steps toward the successful relocation of a senior are communication and choice. Seniors can be emotionally attached to their current home and apprehensive about leaving it, so it is important for their adult children to give them enough time to consider the possibilities and grieve the change. Besides leaving behind possessions, a frequent cause of distress for moving seniors is their perceived loss of control, so try to give your loved one as much choice as possible while planning the details of the move. Encourage siblings and other close family members to take a couple of days off and take turns accompanying and assisting the seniors during the planning and execution of the relocation. This can provide support and encouragement to ease the emotional stress of moving.

Working With Senior Moving Experts

Senior moving management is one of the many services offered by Rightsize Moving Solutions.  With several certifications from organizations that specialize in senior relocation, our Wichita movers have experience and training that allows them to understand the emotional and physical challenges of moving as a senior and the skills required to assist your family. Call us if you need help during any step of the relocation process!

Tips for Moving a Parent

When you’re helping a parent move to a new home in Wichita, you’re quickly realize it’s not the same as moving yourself. Of course, some of the process will be the same — reviewing moving companies in Wichita, Kansas, is still a good place to start — but you’re also likely to face unique challenges.

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For example, if your parent is moving to a smaller home, rightsizing might be in order. As a Wichita, KS, moving company, we know sorting through items and deciding what to keep or discard isn’t necessarily easy to begin with, and for a parent who’s lived in the same home for decades, the process could be quite emotional. It’s times like these when advice from professional movers like Rightsize Moving Solutions can go a long way.

Rightsizing Your Parent’s Items

What some movers in Wichita, KS, call downsizing, we refer to as “rightsizing.” To rightsize your parent’s home, start by identifying your most essential possessions and work out from there. Eventually, the goal is to sell off, donate, or put into storage all the superfluous items in your home. Decluttering your home also enables you to move more freely and helps you stay organized.

But rightsizing isn’t always easy, and for people who’re very attached to their possessions, like a parent with family heirlooms and decades of memories invested into things might be, the process could stir up emotions. By offering support and being respectful, you can help your parent not only rightsize but to thrive because of it.

Offer Emotional Support

An item that sat in the bottom of a cardboard box in your parent’s attic for the last 30 years might seem unimportant to you, but when your parent sees it again after all that time, that item might suddenly take on all the significance in the world. Especially for a parent who is moving and downsizing after losing a spouse, any possession related to that significant other might be hard to let go. When trying to rightsize items that have emotional weight for your parent, following a few tips can help.

Upon encountering an item with an emotional attachment, it can help to pause and share in the memory together. Sometimes a few minutes of reflection with an item can help a parent cope with letting go of the object. You might also find it helpful to remind your parent about the benefits of selling or donating an item and how that item will continue to be appreciated by someone else. In some cases, the best way to handle downsizing is by hiring a professional, such as a moving company for seniors, to offer objective guidance.

Packing & Moving Tips

Once you’ve completed rightsizing with your parent, the next phase is the actual packing and moving of the remaining items. It’s important to stay organized. Labeling your boxes or using a color-coded system can help you unload and unpack more quickly. Also, take pictures of the way furniture is put together before you disassemble it and keep all the hardware in labeled plastic bags.

While packing, save space by using existing suitcases, containers, or boxes before resorting to moving boxes. And whether you use a moving truck or another vehicle, it’s a good idea to load the most important boxes last so you’ll be able to unload them first. Similarly, packing an overnight bag with essentials like toiletries, clothes, and food can help make the first day in the new home more comfortable.

Choosing Moving Services in Wichita, KS

There are many Wichita movers, but whether you’re moving a parent or trying to downsize their home, it’s best to hire a company with the expertise you’ll need. At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we help people across the greater Wichita area with organizing, packing, and loading and unloading. Contact us before your next move and let us make moving easier, more organized, and an overall better process.

Packing & Moving Tips That Really Help

The time for your big move has arrived. Certainly, you’re excited about the new opportunities that await you. However, concerns over the amount of work it’ll take to transfer all your belongings to your new place is also in the back of your mind. On the one hand, it’s good you’re thinking seriously about how to organize, pack, load, and, if necessary, downsize the items in your current home. On the other hand, if you’re feeling anxious about getting started, we’ve got some helpful moving tips. Actually, these tips work so well that we use most of them at our Wichita, KS, moving company. Hopefully, they’ll make your move a bit smoother, as well.

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Organizing Tips

Taking a little time now to keep everything in your current home organized goes a long way toward speeding up your move-in time at your new place. For example, before you start packing things into boxes, you can use a few tricks to keep like-items together. Color-coding or labeling your boxes for different rooms or even areas of the same room will help you know what items to put together now and where to unload the boxes later. This same system works for your furniture, as it lets your movers in Wichita, KS, know what pieces go in each room.

Although some of your furniture can move as is, you might have to dismantle larger pieces for shipping. In these cases, putting all the hardware in sealed lunch bags with labels on them will ensure you can easily reassemble your furniture later with no issues. Taking pictures of how the furniture goes together will also help you know how to put it together again. But that advice isn’t limited to furniture. Snapping pictures of the cords or wires that connect your various electronics together will likewise make setting them up again a breeze.

Packing Smarter

Before you delve into your moving boxes, take a moment to set aside those items you’ll need right away when you move into your new house. An overnight bag with toiletries, a change of clothes, and snacks is always good to have for your first night. Also, other essential items you’ll need right away, maybe the coffee machine and some cooking utensils, can go into a clear plastic bin that’s distinct from your other boxes.

As for the packing itself, there are a few tricks that’ll lessen the amount of moving supplies you’ll need as well as help you keep your possessions secure in transit. To start, make sure to pack up all your storage containers before using moving boxes. Also, wrapping breakable items in clothing like socks helps cut down on bubble wrap and boxes while still protecting your things. Putting your other clothes that you hang in the closet into a large plastic bag and leaving the hangers on, meanwhile, is a faster way to pack your and keep your wardrobe sorted.

Similarly, if you have a dresser or other furniture with full drawers, rather than emptying them out, simply cover their tops in plastic wrap to secure everything. And while you’re at it, a bit of plastic wrap under the caps of bottles with liquid in them will help prevent leaks during your move. Probably the biggest source of messiness, though, is a fridge that wasn’t defrosted all the way, so if you’re taking yours, be sure to unplug it well ahead of when your Wichita, KS, movers start loading it into their truck.

Loading & Unloading Made Easy

You’ve done a good job of staying organized while packing up everything, so why stop now? Applying that same organization to the loading process can also make your move easier by speeding up the unloading. For example, having everything packed up before you start loading the truck helps you keep the boxes organized and makes your loading go faster. Also, by taking the time to load your most important items into the truck last, you’ll be able to have access to them first at your new home. However, consider unloading your TV or computer last, if you can help it, because the fewer temptations you have to take a break, the more likely you’ll be to power through and finish unloading quickly.

Having the right moving tools like a dolly can also speed up the time it takes to load and unload the moving truck. You can rent dollies from a moving company in Wichita, KS, and, trust us, your back will certainly thank you. However, some of the suitcases and containers you used to pack might already have wheels, so be sure to check before lifting them. Also, it goes without saying that the more people you have helping to carry boxes, the easier the loading process will be. Just keep in mind that even though free assistance from friends is nice to have, if you own a lot of fragile and expensive items, it’ll probably pay off in the long run to have professional movers take care of moving these.

Rightsizing Your Belongings

The process of “rightsizing” is something that we encourage for everyone. Basically, when you have more possessions than is suitable for the space in your home, doing a little downsizing can go a long way toward improving your quality of life. It’s amazing the impact that reducing clutter has on your ability to stay organized going forward as well as your happiness at home. However, one of the best times to consider rightsizing is prior to moving. By identifying your non-essential possessions and selling, donating, or putting them into storage, you can cut down on the amount of work you’ll have to do while moving.

Choose the Right Wichita Moving Company

Depending on your situation, some or all of these moving tips could really benefit you. Of course, moving is still a big job. Depending on how much and what kind of moving help you need, Rightsize Moving Solutions has a range of service packages available in Wichita and surrounding areas. From getting organized and packing everything up to loading and unloading an appropriately sized moving truck, we can be with you through one or every step of the process. Something we’re especially proud of, though, is our rightsizing service. Particularly if you’re moving into a smaller home or apartment, a free consultation about rightsizing could be advantageous to you.

Overwhelmed While Packing? We Can Help!

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Don’t Get Overwhelmed While Packing

Preparing to move can become overwhelming in an instant. From finding enough boxes and containers to hold your personal belongings to deciding what should and shouldn’t make the move, it’s a lot. But when you call Rightsize Moving Solutions, the movers Wichita, KS residents have called for many years, you’re getting a full-service moving company who removes the stress and worry from a move.

That Room You ‘Forgot’ About

There are plenty of things to forget when planning a move. And if your home has more than a handful of rooms, there’s always a chance you’ll – ahem – forget about one until the last minute. Rightsize Moving Solutions doesn’t want you to stress when moving. This is why we offer our downsizing or rightsizing process so you don’t have to stress over how or when you’ll pack that forgotten room. Part of what sets us apart from other moving companies in Wichita, KS is being a professional organizing company. Our team consults with you to learn what your ideal result is and builds an organizing plan specifically for you and your needs.

How Do You Add Another Hour to Each Day?

When you work all day, often the last thing you want to do when you come home at the end of the day is start packing. But unfortunately your letter for Hogwarts never arrived and you don’t have a wand to wave and make your belongings pack themselves. Though our letter never arrived either, Rightsize Moving Solutions learned through the years that full pack-up service such as ours is the next thing to being a wizard. Our Wichita, KS movers assist busy individuals, families, and businesses alike with moves of all size. Valuables are treated with great care and wrapped safely and securely and all boxes are labeled and organized before and after they go on the truck.

I Haven’t Opened This Box In A Year?

One of the fun things of moving is rediscovering items you’d long forgotten about. Well, it’s fun until you realize you need to make a decision on whether the contents of a box from the back of the closet need to move or not. If this is the situation you’ve found yourself in, our partial pack-up services are for you. We can take care of an entire room or day-to-day things like kitchen items, it’s all up to you! We’re the Wichita, KS moving company who works with you to make your move effortless.

Rightsize Moving Solutions Is Here To Help!

When it comes to moving Wichita, KS, Rightsize Moving Solutions are the team people call time after time. We understand how stressful packing up your home can be, especially when you come across items from years ago which hold a special place in your life. Our team of professional organizers use sensitivity and training to make organizing efficient and seamless, helping streamline the packing process for your move. And if you’ve searched high and low for another hour in the day to pack, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our fully customizable pack-up services. Call us today to take the worry and hassle out of your next move!

How to Tell It’s Time to Move

10 Signs It’s Time To Move in Wichita, KS

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If your daily commute has become unbearable, it might be time to move.

Not all signs in life are clear, including the ones saying it might be time to move from your current home. These signs are different for everyone, but through the years, we’ve seen these 10 many times. If you’ve started seeing the signs it’s time to move, call the movers Wichita, KS residents rely on, Rightsize Moving Solutions.

1. You’ve Outgrown Your Home

While it’s not actually possible to outgrow your home overnight, it can feel like it is for many people. Before you realized it, the home with so much storage you didn’t know what to do with it began to overflow. Or your family has grown and so have the possessions that come with it. If building an addition isn’t an option, many people begin to look for a larger home and plan for a move at this point.

2. The Home Has Outgrown Your Life

On the other hand, if you’re an empty nester, cleaning and maintaining multiple bedrooms and bathrooms can be time-consuming and tedious. Downsizing or rightsizing might be answer to finding a home that’s the perfect fit. We offer a free consultation to determine how best to rightsize your belongings and do so with the utmost care and respect, understanding the difficulty that can come with moving.

3. Your Daily Commute

Need we say more? The average American commuter travels 15 miles one-way to work, according to the most recent Department of Transportation data released in 2016. Those 15 miles may go quickly or seem to drag if you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic each day. If you’ve listened to every episode of your favorite podcast more than once while driving to work, it may be time to move closer. Whether you’re moving a couple blocks or across town, Rightsize Moving Solutions stands out among moving companies Wichita, KS with our customized moving plans and personalized service.

4. You Want To Put Down Roots By Buying A Home

If you’re weary of the transitional feel of renting an apartment or home, it’s probably time to consider buying. Yes, buying a home is a big investment, but you’ll be adding to your own financial equity instead of the landlord’s while establishing yourself in the neighborhood. Wichita moving companies like Rightsize Moving Solutions help first-time homeowners with this big move every day and can help you make the transition easier.

5. “No Mowing” Sounds Like A Dream

Some people use housework and lawn care as a personal escape, taking pride in spending time trimming, mowing, and raking. For others, well, they’d rather relax or spend their time on other projects. If you find yourself in the latter group, a residential development with a homeowners association (HOA) is likely for you. Most HOAs provide basic landscaping services including mowing, while full-service developments take care of everything so you don’t have to.

6. Your Home Isn’t As Accessible As It Once Was

Multi-level homes can be highly accessible until they’re not. If health issues such as arthritis have hampered your mobility, it’s time to consider your comfort and safety. A single-level and perhaps smaller home may be more accommodating for current and future health issues should they arise.

7. Renovations & DIY Aren’t Your Cup of Tea

When you bought your home years ago, everything was new and state-of-the-art for that era. Now, the renovations and remodeling to get it back to that point are numbers you’re not sure you’ve ever seen before. Should the cost and time take you aback, it could be time to consider moving to a new energy efficient home and leave the renovations to someone else.

8. Your Current Home Doesn’t Make Financial Sense

The commonly accepted rule of thumb is not pay more than 30 percent of your pretax income toward housing. Yet, when life happens, this rule of thumb goes out the window and more of your budget is going to the mortgage. To get your finances back under control, consider moving to a less expensive home, even for a short while.

9. You’ve Bought, Now It’s Time to Build

You’ve decided your current home doesn’t or can’t meet your lifestyle and needs. But when you look at what’s on the housing market, neither can any of the available homes. Now could be the time to build the dream home you’ve only dreamt about. Once you have a move-in date in sight, call Rightsize Moving Solutions for an effortless move into your dream home.

10. The Neighborhood Has Changed

As with many things in life, a neighborhood can change over time. Whether the safety has declined or several new neighbors have late weeknight gatherings you can hear with windows closed, they’re both signs it could be time to move.

Call Rightsize Moving Solutions When It’s Time To Move

When it comes to choosing from the many Wichita moving companies, choose Rightsize Moving Solutions. We’ve helped Wichita, Kansas residents move for over 20 years with personal and professional services every time. Whether you need a hand sorting and packing what to take with you or just an extra hand or two on moving day, we create a moving plan that fits your needs and budget. If you’ve been seeing the signs it’s time to move, call Rightsize Moving Solutions today!