Corporate Relocation Services In Wichita, KS

When you find the perfect candidate for a job opening in your company, you need to do everything you can encourage them to choose your business, even if that means paying to relocate them. With Rightsize Moving Solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing your employee will be properly taken care of. The happier your employees are, the more productive they will be at their job. Our Wichita moving company handles the details of each corporate relocation while saving your company money and taking special care of your employees. Contact us for more information about our comprehensive moving services.

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Relocation?

There is a growing competition among corporations and commercial entities for hiring dedicated, hard-working, and qualified employees. Having premier relocation services adds one more benefit that will set your company apart from the rest. Regardless of the number of employees to be relocated,  you need dependable Wichita movers who will ensure that the transfer or relocation process is hassle-free.

When you partner with our local moving company, we will learn each of your company’s policies so that each preceding move will be made simpler. Our team works hard to prioritize each client — we follow each detail of the customized moving plan and work within the set budget.

Corporate Relocation Moving Services

From start to finish, we will be as involved as you would like us to be while allowing you to remain in control of making decisions for your transfer or relocation. All you need to do is tell us what you want and we will take care of the rest. We provide customized moving plans; full and partial packing services; truck loading and unloading services; and professional organizing for our corporate relocation customers.

Customized Moving Plans

Whenever an employee needs to relocate for a new position or transfer, Rightsize Moving Solutions is here to help streamline the process. We customize each move to individual employees’ needs with your business’ policy. Each employee has different preferences and requirements for their relocation, and we will work to find a moving plan that works best for both the corporation and employee. Our highly trained commercial movers have plenty of experience helping others move so we know how to safely and effectively help your employees.

Truck Loading & Unloading

To minimize the amount of downtime regarding corporate relocation, our movers specialize in providing our corporate relocation customers with timely truck loading and unloading services. We skillfully organize each item on the moving truck to maximize the amount of available space while ensuring that each item is protected from harm during transportation. We have the experience and the tools required to ensure that items are safely loaded unloaded. Contact us to get a quote for moving services in Wichita, KS.

Full & Partial Packing

Let us take care of each detail of your corporate relocation with full and partial packing services. The moving experts with Rightsize Moving Solutions specialize in efficient and effective packing and organizing. We can help pack up the entire contents of your move to help facilitate a simpler unpacking process once the relocation is complete. We can also focus on safely moving the heavy and fragile items while you pack your personal belongings. Our corporate movers cautiously handle all types of items for corporate relocations of every size.

Professional Organizing

The most efficient corporate relocations encompass professional organizing services. Let us help you declutter your space and efficiently organize each of your items for a seamless moving process. Whether you require assistance with sorting through the personal items you don’t wish to bring to your new space or you need help with optimizing your new workspace to best accommodate the layout, the certified organizers with Rightsize Moving Solutions can help. Make your corporate relocation a simple process with our Wichita movers.