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How to Rightsize Your Parents’ Home

Moving can be stressful in any case, but it can be especially challenging when the relocation is being made into a smaller home. Seniors relocation in Wichita, KS, is common when all adult children have moved out or after the death of one parent. The emotional toll these circumstances usually take on the people attempting to relocate can delay the packing and moving process, especially if the family has lived in the same home for several decades and accumulated countless belongings and memories there. If your parents need help as they transition into their new home, these tips from Wichita moving companies describe ways in which you can support and assist them.

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Prioritize Your Belongings

The goal of rightsizing is to eliminate the need to rent a storage unit after relocating to a smaller home. Upon making the decision to move, prepare for a thorough session of sorting and purging your belongings. As a general guideline, get rid of anything you have not used or worn in the past year, unboxed since the last move, or left neglected in what we call “junk drawers.” If you forgot it existed, you probably don’t need it. Make a list of the things that will be absolutely necessary in the new home, and classify the rest in order of importance. Moreover, be specific while labeling all boxes. For example, instead of “clothes,” write “winter coats,” “scarves,” and “socks.” Taking the time in this early stage to be meticulous with sorting and labeling will make unloading and unpacking much easier.

At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we know how emotionally and physically demanding getting rid of old possessions can be. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Our senior relocation service includes assistance through every step, from decluttering to packing, transporting, unloading and setting up your new living area according to the plan we make together so that it quickly feels like home.

Measure Areas of the New Home

Before packing, measure all the furniture you plan to take and compare it to the room and doorway dimensions of the new place. This can help you choose to leave behind anything that won’t physically fit in the new home or that will take up more space than what should be allotted for it. Plan according to the differences in number of rooms and size of cabinets, closets and rooms. Consider any special needs, such as an exercise room or a small work station, and share them with senior relocation companies so they can help make space for them in your new home.

Donate Items

When it comes to things you like but don’t use frequently, sometimes gifting them to a loved one or someone in need can make it easier to let go. You can find comfort in knowing that somebody who needed them more will be using them now. Homeless shelters, crisis centers, schools and other organizations almost always need, welcome and are thankful for contributions which can help you rightsize your belongings in a meaningful way.

Find New Ways to Remember

If you have large collections of items that hold emotional value but are taking up too much space, pick one or two mementos to take with you and find creative, new ways to immortalize the rest. For example, make a poster or mosaic with pictures of the entire collection and keep that instead. Upload old photos to a cloud storage platform and share the link with family members around the world to avoid having to transport too many portrait frames.

Choose the Best Wichita, KS, Moving Company

Among moving companies in Wichita, Rightsize Moving Solutions provides quality senior moving management. With several certifications from organizations specialize on senior relocation, we have the training and experience required to understand the emotions and difficulty involved in moving as a senior. Call us today for a consultation!

Senior Relocation in Wichita, KS

As we age, the homes we’ve spent our entire lives in can become less ideal. The place that was once comfortable may now be difficult to navigate for elderly family members or too expensive to maintain, especially if it used to house a large family and now seems too big for the remaining occupant(s) after loved ones have moved out or passed away. Regardless of the reason for deciding to relocate as a senior, working with a moving company in Wichita, KS, can make the process significantly easier for all parties involved. Rightsize Moving Solutions can help your aging relatives downsize to a smaller home, move in with family or relocate to an assisted living facility as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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Finding a New Place For Seniors

A new home depends on the family’s dynamics and financial situation as well as the complexity of the seniors’ needs. Having seniors move in with their younger relatives can be a an effective option if everyone agrees to share the costs and if the home is big enough for everybody to have some personal space to retreat to for privacy. However, family dynamics can be complicated, and if the relationships among members have a shaky history, residing in the same household may exacerbate problems. On the other hand, relocating elderly relatives to live on their own in a smaller house can work if they are still capable of living independently.

Distance is an obstacle for children who need to check on their aging parents regularly. And if neither living on their own nor moving in with relatives seems feasible for the seniors, and if the family has the financial means necessary, nursing homes and other assisted living facilities are an option. If you choose this route, communicate with the seniors to make sure they have a positive outlook and don’t associate living at a facility with abandonment from family. Contentment with the place of relocation is essential for a smooth transition and successful move.

Rightsizing A Parent’s Home

Whether the senior will be relocating to a new place, a family member’s home, or a facility, chances are they will have to get rid of some of their belongings to adjust to a shared or smaller living space. Objects that have not been used, looked at or repaired in several months or years are probably best left behind. Consider donating items that function well and, although beloved, will not fit comfortably in the new home. Knowing somebody will put them to use and be grateful for them can make letting go easier.

Another important part of rightsizing is measuring room, closet and cabinet dimensions to make sure everything you plan to take will fit. Sit down with movers in Wichita to plan these details and create a visual model of how furniture and other belongings would be distributed in the new space.

Offering Emotional Support

The first steps toward the successful relocation of a senior are communication and choice. Seniors can be emotionally attached to their current home and apprehensive about leaving it, so it is important for their adult children to give them enough time to consider the possibilities and grieve the change. Besides leaving behind possessions, a frequent cause of distress for moving seniors is their perceived loss of control, so try to give your loved one as much choice as possible while planning the details of the move. Encourage siblings and other close family members to take a couple of days off and take turns accompanying and assisting the seniors during the planning and execution of the relocation. This can provide support and encouragement to ease the emotional stress of moving.

Working With Senior Moving Experts

Senior moving management is one of the many services offered by Rightsize Moving Solutions.  With several certifications from organizations that specialize in senior relocation, our Wichita movers have experience and training that allows them to understand the emotional and physical challenges of moving as a senior and the skills required to assist your family. Call us if you need help during any step of the relocation process!