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Hot Tips for Cold-Weather Moves

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Winter is not the most popular or ideal season for moving, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until spring to start enjoying life in your new home. Although moving among the extreme temperatures of Kansas winters can be challenging, it is doable, especially with help from moving companies in Wichita. Follow these tips from Rightsize Moving Solutions to make loading, transporting and unloading your belongings easier while taking the appropriate precautions.

Check the Weather Periodically

Keep an eye on weather forecasts before and during the day(s) of your move. Be wary of potential incoming storms or heavy snowfall and make any necessary adjustments to the schedule. Plan travel routes carefully and have a backup option in case the first one is closed because of inclement weather. On the day of the move, start loading belongings into the moving vehicle early in the morning, keeping in mind that it gets dark earlier during winter and temperatures are more bearable during daytime.

Pack With Additional Protection

If you own delicate items that would normally have to be wrapped before transportation, provide extra protection for them when moving during winter. When they are exposed to extreme temperatures, fragile materials such as antique glass can become even more brittle and prone to cracks and breakage. Pack them carefully using layers of paper, foam or cloth as padding. Blankets work well because, in addition to protection from bumps or scratches, they provide insulation. If possible, take fragile items with you in a heated car rather than the cold moving van. Moreover, try to minimize the stress caused by abrupt and sharp temperature changes as you move them from a warm home or vehicle into the cold outdoors and the back inside. For instance, leave glass pieces in less warm areas of the home, such as the basement or laundry room, for a day or two before unwrapping them.

Clear Walkways of Ice

Snow, ice and water covering the driveways and sidewalks on your path between the moving vehicle and the house are serious hazards. Make sure somebody removes them from the entrance to your current and future homes before loading and unloading moving boxes. Pouring a solution of rock salt and hot water on the ground is one way to prevent snow and ice from sticking to the concrete. In addition, protect the walkways inside the home. Cover hard floors with heavy-duty paper and carpets with rug runners to protect them from wet footprints. Place a doormat at the entrance and remind your family and Wichita movers to use it to reduce the chance of slipping while carrying heavy boxes inside.

Keep Winter Supplies Handy

A pro tip for moving in Wichita is to keep winter supplies such as shovels, windshield scrapers, salt and mittens in your car, separated from the other boxes. Should you need them on the day of the move, you won’t waste time going through all your packed belongings to find them. Also, keep a first-aid kit and a list of emergency contacts on hand.

Stay Warm

Carrying heavy items in and out the house or up and down stairs for hours could leave you feeling fatigued and overheated. Instead of impractical, bulky winter coats, dress in several layers so you can feel lighter and be able to quickly add and remove them throughout the day. Make hot beverages such as coffee, cider or chocolate and share them with whoever is helping you move.

Have a Backup Plan

Before moving, make sure the lights and heat are working in the new home. In any case, outline potential places where you or some of your belongings could spend a night or two if moving in takes longer than expected after moving out from your previous home or, in the case of a storm, until the weather subsides.

Hire a Professional

Moving can be stressful and tiresome enough on a normal day. When severe weather is added to the equation, don’t strain yourself trying to complete all the heavy-duty work alone. Wichita moving company Rightsize Moving Solutions can assist you throughout the process. From packing to loading and unloading, we are here to help you settle into your new home faster. Call us today for an appointment!

Moving Into Assisted Living or Nursing Homes

Moving your elderly parent or relative into an assisted living facility or nursing home takes good communication and planning. Your loved one may be reluctant about moving to an unfamiliar environment, and moving the contents from a home that’s been occupied for a long time to a smaller room in a nursing home presents unique logistical challenges. For these reasons, many adult children and relatives have found it necessary to hire senior relocation companies that can offer expertise in the relocation of an elderly person.

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At Rightsize Moving Solutions, our movers can assist with organizing a senior’s move to a new home in the Wichita, KS, area. And just in case you’re not sure of how to handle other aspects of what could be an emotional relocation for your loved one, our company also has expertise in overcoming common obstacles you might encounter while moving an elderly relative into assisted living or a nursing home.

Obstacles Seniors Face While Relocating in Wichita

For seniors relocation in Wichita, KS, can be challenging in several ways. For instance, elderly parents or relatives often have lived in the same home for a long time and have accumulated many belongings that have emotional value. Yet, moving into an assisted living facility can mean giving up the familiar home and many of the possessions your loved one has coveted for years. Thus, your emotional support is often critical for aiding an elderly parent or relative through a relocation. Meanwhile, a moving company can help with the organization and logistics of the move.

Organizing Challenges

Chances are a nursing home won’t have the same space as your relative’s current home. Thus, making some choices about what possessions to keep or let go of is inevitable. A senior relocation service can help with the downsizing process. At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we offer a rightsizing service, where our specialists work with clients of all ages, including elderly homeowners, to reduce the amount of belongings. Rightsizing involves keeping the items essential to a person’s life and selling, donating, or discarding the rest. Predictably, your parent or relative will be attached to some of the items he or she has owned for a long time. But spending a few moments sharing in the memories of certain items with your loved one, or discussing how someone else can use the items, can make letting go of certain belongings easier.

Moving Logistics

Seniors accumulating many possessions over long periods of time can also make the logistics of a move challenging. An important part of senior moving management, for example, is sorting through a lot of diverse items and then packing them safely for relocation.

Packing for a Move

One or more sons or daughters has wondered, “I’m moving my parent in Wichita, but how do I start packing?” One helpful tip for packing is to utilize existing storage, such as suitcases or plastic bins, before resorting to moving boxes. Elderly relatives are likely to have many storage devices that can act as carriers for their belongings and cut down on moving supplies. Meanwhile, another tip is to keep items from the same room packed into the same set of bins, which makes it easier to keep items organized during unloading. Also, setting aside a box with essential items for the first one or two days of the move, including toiletries and a change of clothes, can ensure your loved one is comfortable during the early stages of moving into the nursing home.

Transporting Items

After packing, the final challenge is relocating your parent or relative’s belongings. While some movers can use their personal vehicles to carry items, most people find that hiring moving companies in Wichita to transport items in a truck is easiest. At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we have processes for loading and unloading boxes that make the relocation of your parent or relative more efficient. As a tip, load the most essential items into the moving truck last, as this enables you to unload and use them first. Additionally, take photos of anything you plan to disassemble, such as furniture, because having references makes reassembling items easier. Also, elderly people can grow used to the layout of decorations on a table or pictures on a wall in their previous homes, so taking photos of how things are laid out can enable you to organize those items at the nursing home in way that’s familiar and welcoming.

Moving Company for Seniors in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions provides full-service moving assistance to seniors as well as anyone moving in the Wichita, KS, area. From organizing items in the house and packing them efficiently to loading boxes into our moving trucks and unloading them at the new location, our company can handle every aspect of your next move. Even if you have much of your relocation covered, we can still offer expertise in one particular area. Our rightsizing services, for example, have helped people of all ages declutter their homes by organizing their possessions. Regarding seniors who are moving in Wichita, rightsizing is particularly useful for identifying what items are essential or not for taking into assisted living. Contact Rightsize Moving Solutions to learn how we can help with your next move!