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Man Choosing A Moving Company In Wichita, KS

How To Choose A Trusted Moving Company

At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we are asked many questions every day, including “What’s the best way for moving my parents?” This question is common since we specialize in helping seniors rightsize and move on a regular basis. While the answer has several parts, one part is to follow our top four tips for hiring a reputable moving company, and the other is to look out for our five signs of a moving scam.

4 Tips For Hiring A Reputable Moving Company

Unfortunately, moving fraud and theft happen. Recently, a friend told us about their experience after choosing a moving company. With a short timeline to move, she looked up movers in her area, found one of interest, and after some online homework, she hired them. Except her belongings didn’t arrive at her new home until 22 days after she did. Looking back, her situation was rife with red flags from the start, but luckily this story came with an acceptable ending.

Rightsize Moving Solutions wants you to enjoy a stress-free move with these tips on how to hire reputable home movers.

1. Check The Company’s Insurance & Licensing

Insurance and licensing probably sounds boring to you, but if anything is damaged or anyone is injured during the moving process, insurance becomes vitally important. A reputable company not only gladly shares this information when asked, it also has the license number prominently displayed on documentation and paperwork. Also, any company trucks and vehicles should have a registered Department of Transportation number displayed, usually on the doors or sides of the truck near the company name.

2. Look Up The Physical Company Address

One way to sort reputable companies from nefarious ones is by looking up the physical address listed on their website. The address should be full — street number and street name, city, state, zip code, and phone number. We recommend paying the company a visit in person to scout the location and get a feel for whom you’ll be hiring. But if you can’t go in person, search for the address online and use the satellite view of an online map to view the physical location. Is the street view a legitimate business or vacant lot?

3. Review Their Online Reviews

Online reviews are available for nearly every type of business and moving companies in Wichita, Kansas, are no different. Before you choose one, review their online testimonials on popular platforms such as Facebook and Google. If the company has a history of consistent and positive reviews, they’re most likely a reputable company.

4. The Company Uses Consistent & Thorough Communication

From the start, a reputable company will have regular and detailed communication with you. If there’s any change to the agreed-upon timeline or if they’re running late for the in-home estimate, you’re immediately in-the-know with a trusted company. This is especially important if the move has been booked during a peak season when it’s not uncommon for an established company to use rental trucks to fulfill a move. If a run-of-the-mill rental truck shows up at your front door — and you weren’t aware ahead of time — it’s one of the signs of a moving scam.

5 Signs Of A Moving Scam

1. Cash Only Or Full Payment Upfront

Cash only may sound convenient, but it doesn’t leave a paper trail. Using a debit or credit card gives you the option to dispute a flagrant charge but cash can’t be disputed or traced. Also, any company who asks for full payment upfront or an outlandish deposit may disappear with the money, leaving you stranded on moving day.

2. Inappropriate Phone Etiquette

When you call a moving company, whoever answers the phone should be polite and use the company name at some point during the greeting. Using generic terms, such as “the moving company”, and vague wording might mean the company doesn’t really exist as they proclaim.

3. Vague Or Lack Of Information

Even a seemingly small move should come with a long list of questions from any moving company. Vague questions or a lack of interest and information should raise several red flags at once. A good company will ask and explain questions related to:

  • The size, shape, and weight of your personal items;
  • If there are any special circumstances or consideration to account for; and
  • If the move needs extra services, such as temporary storage.

4. No Estimate / No In-Home Assessment

No two moves are the same which means a company that either doesn’t provide an estimate or an in-home assessment before giving an estimate should be avoided. In addition, an estimate should be written then compared with at least two or three other estimates from different companies. Not only does this give you an inventory but it shows the company is accounting for every item that needs to be moved.

5. The Company Isn’t Registered

Every moving company in Wichita, KS, should be registered with the State of Kansas. This allows consumers to look up the company through the state business registration website, but keep in mind the registered name may differ from the do-business-as (DBA) name. A reputable company will provide the registered name if asked.

Tips For Moving Into A Tiny Home

Moving Into A Tiny Home

When you live in a small space, less is more. But despite the minimized square-footage, individuals who live in small homes typically enjoy a number of benefits that make “living tiny” so appealing, including lower living costs, a greater appreciation for belongings, higher energy efficiency, and the ability to easily move anywhere, any time, among many other perks. Paring down to the essentials can be liberating, but the process of transitioning from an average-size home to a tiny one can be overwhelming. From planning and downsizing to packing and moving, the following tips from tiny house movers with Rightsize Moving Solutions detail everything you need to know about moving into a tiny home.

Spend Time In A Small Space

Living in a tiny home means spending much of your time in a compact space. If you’re new to the tiny house movement, it’s important that you know what you’re in for. Spend a day or two in a living space, such as an tiny home on Airbnb, that is a similar in size to your new home. Moving into a tiny home requires a significant amount of research and planning — experiencing this type of space for yourself will give you a first-hand look at how others in the tiny community make use of their space, as well as the essential items they have and the importance of multi-functionality and purpose with personal belongings.

Take Time To Transition

One of the benefits of moving to a smaller living space is packing up, moving, and unpacking fewer items than a regular-size move. But the trail to minimal living is fraught with strategy and logistics. Be sure to set aside an adequate amount of time to plan every aspect of your move, from downsizing your personal belongings based on your new space-requirements and getting rid of excess to packing up your items and calling the movers in Wichita, KS. The average time for planning a move is about 30–60 days — tailor this amount of time based on your unique moving requirements. The more time you set aside for pre-move tasks, the less stressful the overall moving process will be. For more expert tips on how to plan your move, contact Rightsize Moving Solutions.

Minimize Possessions

As a fundamental principle in any tiny home, it’s important to choose items that are multi-use, compact, and quality-made, so you can make the best use of every square-inch of your space. Many people find getting rid of excess to be an enjoyable, liberating process. For others, extreme downsizing can cause stress, indecision, and emotional strain during a move. Minimizing belongings to fit in a tiny home is simple with the help of Rightsize Moving Solutions — we offer expert rightsizing and professional organization as a part of our all-encompassing moving services specialized for small homes.


Moving into tiny homes requires strategic decluttering. It’s good practice to get rid items you no longer want, need, or use, during any residential move, but moving into a tiny home requires homeowners to be deliberate in choosing the limited number of items that they will bring along.

Rightsizing for a tiny home requires residents to purge the majority of items they own by taking an inventory of every belonging and only keeping items that serve purpose and can fit in the new living space. Our rightsizing experts are trained to downsize any excess in your home, from start to finish. During an initial free consultation, we will gather the essential moving details, including the size of the new home and the items you want to keep, and provide you with a tailored list of moving services, which can include a moving plan furniture layout; organizing and packing belongings; transporting and unloading; and a tiny house decoration plan.


Getting rid of clutter and excess doesn’t mean getting rid of your personal style or unique preferences. For many tiny-home dwellers, minimizing cluttered material possessions serves to unveil a more cohesive, personalized aesthetic. As the placement of each item in the home is key to successful tiny living, our professional organizers are available to help you make the best decisions about organizing your tiny house based on your ideal living space, style preferences, and functionality needs. After our rightsizing experts pair down excess items, our team of professional organizers can help you strategically organize your belongings for easy unpacking in the tiny home. Create the tiny home of your dreams with Rightsize Moving Solutions!

Supplement With Storage

While living with a minimalist mindset is often recommended in the tiny home community, getting rid of every piece of excess all at once isn’t the only option. In regards to family heirlooms or other specific items you can’t seem to get rid of, consider supplementing your small living space with a storage unit. Storage units can serve to preserve seasonal items, such as winter clothing or camping gear, that you will need in the near future. While a little extra space can be helpful, avoid cramming the unit completely full. The most useful storage spaces are efficiently organized and maintained with the essential items — much like a tiny home. In addition to tiny homes services, our movers and organizing experts can help you load, unload, and organize each storage item in a way that best suits your needs. We create small house plans from start to finish alongside each client for the ultimate moving experience. Optimize your move — contact us today!