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Five Winter Moving Tips

Winter is a season of holidays and joy for many people. In Wichita movers know winter is also the most challenging time of the year for a move. Still, plenty of people move in the winter with great success. If you’re planning a residential move this coming winter, these tips from Rightsize Moving Solutions can help make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Moving in Winter in Wichita

1. Choosing Wintertime Transportation In Wichita

One of the most challenging aspects of moving in winter is the potential of driving on snowy or icy roads. Therefore, it’s wise to look for moving companies in Wichita, KS, that employ trained drivers with experience driving in winter conditions. Were you to forego hiring movers and rent a moving truck yourself, you would have to contend with driving a large and unfamiliar vehicle in precarious winter-road conditions.

2. Attending To Pets

People who are moving in the summertime will often keep their pets outdoors to allow the movers to pack and load items uninterruptedly. But in winter, outside temperatures can reach below the freezing point. Instead of putting animals outdoors on moving day, better solutions include sequestering pets in a room inside the home or taking the animals to a local pet daycare.

3. Keeping The Home Warm

When moving, it’s always advisable to call and set up an account with your utilities provider to ensure the electricity in your new house or apartment is working before you move in. But in winter, you’ll want to be extra certain the heat is on and working in your new home, otherwise you’ll be stuck unpacking boxes in frigid indoor conditions. And if you are moving locally, make sure to go to the new home a day early to turn on the heat and ensure the place will be warm and cozy on move-in day.

4. Having Winter Clothes Handy

In Wichita moving during the winter always involves questions about weather conditions. In the winter season it’s not always easy to predict how cold it will be, because something as simple as a rapid change from sunshine to cloud cover can cause a considerable drop in temperatures, while snowfall can seem to arise out of nowhere. Instead of packing winter clothes away, keep several cold-weather options, such as  jackets, gloves, hats, and boots set aside, just in case the weather becomes unexpectedly cold or severe on moving day.

5. Hiring Winter Movers In Wichita, KS

The right movers make all the difference when it comes to wintertime moves. Rightsize Moving Solutions is a year-round moving company that excels in wintertime relocations. In addition to expertly packing the contents of your home, apartment, or business, we have quality moving trucks and trained drivers who can transport your belongings both locally and long-distance in the winter. No matter the season, Rightsize Moving Solutions always offers quality moving services at competitive prices. Furthermore, we are a leader in rightsizing services in Wichita, meaning we can work with homeowners to reduce clutter and make their moves more efficient. Contact us to learn more!

Moving to Wichita, KS

Moving To A New City? Check Out These Moving Tips

Moving to a new city is a big event that requires careful planning and research to pull off. Aside from taking care of the basics — hiring movers, finding packing supplies, looking up driving directions — you’ll also need to plan to acclimate to a different environment. Here, Rightsize Moving Solutions offers tips on how to settle into your new city.

Explore Your Surroundings

Whether you’re moving to Wichita or another city, we recommend you get online and research the local area. Pay special attention to the neighborhoods where you might live, as well as nearby attractions.

Neighborhood Research

No matter if you’ve found a neighborhood to live in or are still searching for one, keep your eyes open for key attributes that suggest the area is worth calling home. One aspect to look up is the distance and commute time from the neighborhood to your workplace or school. Additional metrics that tell you about the culture of the neighborhood include crime statistics (safety) and amenities (comfort and convenience). One place to look for this information is Trulia map overlays, which break down areas by all sorts of traits.

Find Local Attractions

It’s amazing what a difference recreation, shopping, and entertainment attractions can make for your quality of life. Knowing where to bring your family for weekend fun, or which restaurants offer casual dining when you don’t feel like cooking can make your daily life run much smoother. Residential movers are knowledgeable sources of such information — their jobs take them all around the city, where they get to explore all it has to offer. You also can find most retailers and venues in your area on Google Maps.

Cost-Of-Living Adjustments

Cost of living is based on the combined prices of everyday goods and services, like utilities, groceries, and housing. Since these costs can vary from location to another, your new city may be less or more expensive than where you currently live. One way to assess the cost-of-living difference is by comparing prices for the same service in both locations. For example, the price of hiring a moving company in Wichita, KS, is often lower than in most large cities. That price difference thus reflects Wichita’s moderate cost of living. But just in case economic research is too daunting, try out the cost-of-living calculator on NerdWallet.

Buying Vs. Renting

Before you move to a new city, you have to decide on a type of housing to live in. The city’s average cost of living along with your income can determine your budget for housing costs. Based on that figure, you can decide whether buying or renting housing makes sense for you. A home purchase is a big investment that takes time to build up equity and is thus best reserved for a long-term resident. An apartment doesn’t build equity but offers more flexible terms suitable for short-term residents or those who like to move to new homes frequently. Once you’ve made a choice to buy or rent housing, your next call should be to schedule moving services so you can get moved in when you need to.

Rightsizing Moving Solutions does both long-distance and local moves within Wichita, KS. We also rightsize senior apartments, family homes, and everything in between. Count on us to get you moved in on time and on budget, so you can start enjoying your new city.