Tips for Moving a Parent

When you’re helping a parent move to a new home in Wichita, you’re quickly realize it’s not the same as moving yourself. Of course, some of the process will be the same — reviewing moving companies in Wichita, Kansas, is still a good place to start — but you’re also likely to face unique challenges. … Continued

Packing & Moving Tips That Really Help

The time for your big move has arrived. Certainly, you’re excited about the new opportunities that await you. However, concerns over the amount of work it’ll take to transfer all your belongings to your new place is also in the back of your mind. On the one hand, it’s good you’re thinking seriously about how … Continued

Overwhelmed While Packing? We Can Help!

Don’t Get Overwhelmed While Packing Preparing to move can become overwhelming in an instant. From finding enough boxes and containers to hold your personal belongings to deciding what should and shouldn’t make the move, it’s a lot. But when you call Rightsize Moving Solutions, the movers Wichita, KS residents have called for many years, you’re … Continued

How to Tell It’s Time to Move

10 Signs It’s Time To Move in Wichita, KS Not all signs in life are clear, including the ones saying it might be time to move from your current home. These signs are different for everyone, but through the years, we’ve seen these 10 many times. If you’ve started seeing the signs it’s time to … Continued

Items to Leave Behind During Your Next Move

During the stressful process of moving, it’s often difficult to decide what is worth taking with you and what you can afford to leave behind. But before you make any drastic decisions, let Rightsize Moving Solutions, the moving company Wichita, KS, residents rely on, remind you of some items that might be easier to replace … Continued