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Find a Home That Fits You With Rightsizing

Realtors have identified a new homebuyer trend: Instead of gravitating to large homes, people of all ages are starting to embrace a “less-is-more” attitude, leading them to adopt rightsizing when they house-hunt. Rather than moving solely for increased square-footage, those in the market for a new home are on the search for places that best suit their tastes and needs, regardless of an increase or decrease in size. Read these tips from Wichita movers Rightsize Moving Solutions to leverage rightsizing for a home that fits you best.

Rightsizing Your House

The best place to start on your search for a new living space is assessing the ways in which rightsizing can help you land your dream home, keeping in mind practicality, specific needs and preferences. From choosing the right home to picking from your selected moving companies in Wichita, KS, rightsizing can help you find and move into a home that you love.

Review the Benefits

Rightsizing can help you streamline your search for the perfect home without sacrificing your living space preferences, even if moving to a smaller home. Focusing on a home’s actual dimensions doesn’t mean that space is practical for your lifestyle needs and preferences. Rightsizing is beneficial in its ability to help you make a decision based on a property’s personal fit, with attention on your ideal preferences and requirements.

Assess Your Options

In looking for a new living space, there are millions of options to choose from.

  • How much does square footage matter to you?
  • How much storage space do you need?
  • When are you looking to move in?

Asking yourself these questions can help you leverage rightsizing to your benefit in finding a home that best fits you. In Wichita, moving companies are well acquainted with getting your possessions from place to place without hassle, but the rest is for you to decide.

Rightsizing Your Belongings

Once you’ve found a home that fits, next use rightsizing to handle your belongings. This means getting rid of excess in your current home and making decisions about what you want to bring with you, what you’ll leave behind and how you plan on getting rid of your unwanted items.

Decide What to Keep & What to Toss

Movers in Wichita recommend starting with the easy stuff when sorting through your accumulated items. Ask yourself, “if this item disappeared tomorrow, would I miss it enough to replace it?” Also consider whether your items in question fit your lifestyle at this moment. These considerations can help you differentiate essentials from those you can live without. If you’ve stored items for friends or relatives, it’s time to contact them and return their belongings.

Selling, donating or tossing excess possessions are all great methods of rightsizing for decluttering and streamlining your move.

Rightsize Moving Solutions in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions is a full-service moving company Wichita, KS residents can trust. Our professionals can handle your move from start-to-finish, including packing your household, transporting your items, and unloading everything in a safe and organized manner. Or you can hire us to assist with one area of your move, such as packing and loading. Call Rightsize Moving Solutions today to schedule your move to the space that best fits you!