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Your Guide To Summertime Moving

With the onset of summer comes a busy season for local movers. Summer moves coincide with other naturally occurring life events, such as summer vacations, weddings, home improvements and helping your older kids move to WSU. But just because it’s the popular time of year to move, doesn’t mean every move will be a breeze. Luckily, Wichita movers with Rightsize Moving Solutions offer summertime moving advice to help your move be as efficient as possible.

Prepare For The Heat

Easily one of the most significant aspects to factor into your summertime moving plan is the Kansas heat! Moving is a physical job, even with the assistance of a moving company. To combat the heat, begin hydrating with water and sports drinks as soon as you wake up. It’s also a good idea to schedule the most physical tasks for early morning. It will be easier on your body to complete the most strenuous tasks before the heat sets in.

Dress Appropriately

With summer temperatures in mind, be mindful of clothing choices. Reach for lightweight clothes and avoid dark or heavy clothing that are likely to make you feel even warmer. Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to any exposed skin.

Plan Ahead

Moving companies in Wichita, KS are busiest during summer months. Which is why it’s necessary to book moving services far in advance. It’s also a great idea to begin packing up any items such as winter clothing or holiday decor. Being prepared will enable you to complete your move and get back to enjoying your summer.

Recruit Help

Whether your own children are able to help pack up the home, you invite friends over for a “moving party”, or you hire neighborhood teens, it’s always advisable to having helping hands around. As you prepare for your move, write down tasks that you’ll need extra help with. For example, who will care for pets on moving day? If you have small children or pets, you’ll need a trusted family member or friend to help keep a close eye on your littlest loved ones. The help of trusted neighbors or friends (or your own kids, if they are old enough) can be a huge relief to small yet stressful tasks.

Be Careful Of What You Pack

When packing belongings, we recommend writing out a list of what is inside and securing it to the box or container holding perishable items. Not only will this protect breakables, but this also protects any items that are subject to hot temperatures. Belongings such as candles, electronics, cosmetics and food can be damaged by the heat. By labeling the boxes as “heat sensitive” you will be able to create a plan to move these items and avoid any damage.

Hire Wichita Moving Professionals

When you hire the Wichita, Kansas movers with Rightsize Moving Solutions your summertime move will be streamlined. We offer truck loading and unloading; full and partial pack-up; organizing and more! Enjoy more of your summer and let us handle your move!