Senior Living Resources In Wichita, KS

Moving to a new city is a challenging transition for most people. But if you have lived in your current location for decades, the thought of relocating can seem downright overwhelming. However, moving and downsizing, or as we like to call it “rightsizing”, is a fact of life for seniors, so the most beneficial path to take is to try and make the best of your new home. At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we’ve been helping seniors relocate to Wichita for nearly two decades, and we’ve developed this useful guide explaining all the city has to offer its senior residents.

Relocating to Wichita During Your Senior Years

If you’re a senior or simply newly retired, Wichita is an ideal location to spend your twilight years in style. Since retirement often means you’re on a fixed income, the cost of living can be a top concern. Fortunately, Wichita is one of the least expensive places to retire in the United States. Wichita’s cost of living is about 13 percent lower than the national average, and there are numerous senior communities and assisted living facilities to choose from, ensuring seniors of all lifestyles and budgets will find a living option that meets their needs.

Senior Housing Options

For many people, no matter their age, housing is generally one of the most costly living expenses, but Wichita’s housing market is well below average compared to other American cities of comparable size.

Living in your own home is wonderful, but with the kids all grown and the rightsizing that typically comes with your elder years, owning a house can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth. For seniors who prefer to rent, Wichita offers plenty of affordable rental options.


Unlike other metropolitan areas around the country, Wichita is a comparatively low-stress city to traverse. There’s no massive gridlock affecting major highways and roads during rush hour, and gasoline costs roughly 4 percent less than the national average. With the city’s traffic and road conditions, car insurance is also lower.

If you prefer public transportation, the city’s bus line, Wichita Transit, offers discounted fares for those aged 65 and older. A monthly senior bus pass runs just $27.50.

Things To Do

Despite the low cost of living, Wichita is a diverse region boasting a rich history and culture providing senior residents with a wide array of things to do and see — many of which are free or reasonably priced.

Qualified Senior Relocation Specialists

When you hire Rightsize Moving Solutions, you can be confident in our abilities to help you or your loved one. We carry several certifications and are involved in both local and national organizations that have a primary focus on organization and senior relocation, including:

  • National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM)
  • Central Plains Area Agency on Aging
  • Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist (CRTS) 2014
  • Certification in Senior Move Management (CSMM) 2015

This training and expertise allows us to fully understand the emotions and difficulty involved in relocating as a senior. Unlike other senior moving services in Wichita, KS, we understand what you are going through and have developed the skills to properly walk you through the entire moving process. You don’t have to rightsize alone; you don’t have to move alone — contact us today.