Moving Day Can Be Stress-Free With These Tips

It is popular belief that moving is stressful, but Wichita movers who handle moving jobs for homes and businesses everyday know that, when condensed to a few basic steps, the act of moving is simple. In other words, moving is not inherently stressful; what makes it so is taking the wrong approach. So, to take stress out of your next move, do what the pros do and take the following steps to stay organized.

Get Prepared Early

Wichita moving pros understand that a successful relocation begins with early preparations. And in moving terms, “early” means months before the move-out date. That said, the way in which you should prepare depends on the type of move.

Professional Move

A professional move involves hiring a company to perform a partial- or full-service move. Ideally, you should select a moving company Wichita, KS, homeowners and businesses have provided good reviews of. The difference between a high- and low-quality moving company lies not only on the prices of moving services but also on the skill and attention shown to the packing, loading, and transportation of your possessions. After finding a reliable moving company, call and schedule services three months in advance, if possible. Arranging for movers early has the dual advantage of ensuring they’ll be available for your moving job while providing a timetable to begin preparing your home and belongings.

Personal Move

When a moving job seems manageable, some people are inclined to personally transport all items rather than hiring moving companies in Wichita, KS, to take care of the hard work and heavy lifting. For obvious reasons, a personal move is generally more stressful than a professional move. One way to minimize this stress is to begin sorting belongings and acquiring packing supplies such as boxes and tape as soon as possible.

Prevent Moving Mishaps

While there isn’t a way to avoid all accidents, movers in Wichita know that some mishaps can be prevented with a bit of smart preparation.

Seal Up Liquids

One leaky shampoo bottle is all it takes to taint an entire moving box of items. To prevent having to open a soggy box on moving day, put all your liquids inside sealable plastic bags to contain potential leaks.

Double-Check Directions

Professional movers double-check the addresses of peoples’ homes and use turn-by-turn GPS while driving. Follow suit and use trusted driving directions while moving, especially for long-distance moves, to prevent the frustration of getting lost while traveling to your new home.

No Social Media Until After the Move

While it’s tempting to share details about your move with friends by posting updates on social media, uploading images that could relay sensitive information, such as the fact that your house is sitting unoccupied with boxes full of valuables inside, isn’t wise. It is best to avoid mentioning the move on social media until after it is finished.

Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions is among the top-rated moving companies in the greater Wichita area. We have managed to develop our reputation as trusted movers by consistently delivering high-quality service for all moving jobs. Whether you hire us just for packing or to handle the entire relocation, you can expect satisfactory results. Moreover, we specialize in senior moving services and rightsizing, the process of streamlining belongings to relocate to a space more properly sized for a person’s lifestyle. Contact us to discuss your carefree move with Rightsize Moving Solutions!