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microMansion Moving Service

If you think professional moving and packing services are only for moving into a traditional, “full size” home, think again! As the popularity of tiny homes continues to grow, microMANSIONS are also gaining traction. Rightsize Moving Solutions offers a wide range of services aimed at helping everyone experience an effortless move no matter the size of their new home. To schedule an appointment, contact us today!

What’s The Difference Between A microMansion And A Tiny House?

Essentially, the total square footage differentiates a tiny home form a microMansion. A tiny house can be up to 1,000 square feet but most average between 200 square feet and 300 square feet of living space. A microMansion ranges from 400 square feet to nearly 600 square feet of living space, and depending on the floor plan, may also have a lofted second floor. Contact us today to schedule a tiny home move in Wichita.

Rightsizing To A microMansion

The idea of living intentionally is alluring for many people who extend the concept to their residence. Yet, to live intentionally, many find themselves needing to rightsize belongings and personal items from an apartment or home to the allocated space inside the micro mansion. As a full-service moving company, Rightsize Moving Services works with each client to create a customized moving plan which accounts for this transition and works diligently to make sure the entire process is efficient and effortless.


Our team understands it can be an overwhelming feeling as you sort through items, trying to decide what to take to your new modern home and what to part with. As certified professional organizers, we use our role as an unbiased third-party to expedite and streamline the organizing process.

But, don’t let the smaller amount of total square footage be daunting — microMansions don’t scrimp on available storage! Each is designed to be practical and strategic, and we account for every inch of available space while helping you rightsize and organize personal effects.


As if there weren’t enough things to take care of during a move, many people find packing to be the most time-consuming part. That’s why we offer full or partial pack-up services to let you focus on other tasks while we safely and securely pack belongings. Whether items are going into temporary storage or straight into your new residence, our movers and packers treat everything with the care and respect our customers expect from us!

Loading & Unloading

Need a little or a lot of help with the heavy lifting? We’ve got you covered! From a box of Tupperware to a baby grand, Rightsize Moving Solutions is there to lend a hand with the loading and/or unloading process. We use best practices which focus on efficiency and safety for everyone involved, the belongings, and the home.

During the unloading process, we’ll stage as we go — or place each belonging and/or box in its appropriate room or location — which helps you unpack more quickly. That’s because we understand the desire to settle into your new digs rather than worrying about a misplaced item.