The Rightsizing Process

Rightsizing in Wichita, KS

Over time, we accumulate possessions, which range from necessities to a collection of trinkets and mementos. While it can be nice to have belongings around your home to remind you of past events, your house can quickly become cluttered. Whether you need to rightsize your possessions to acclimate your new lifestyle in a smaller house or you need help decluttering your current house, Rightsize Moving Solutions is here to help.

Downsizing Your Wichita Home

Though a house may have once been the perfect size for your needs, it may eventually become a bit overwhelming. If you or a loved one are looking to move into a smaller house, a Wichita moving company, such as Rightsize Moving Solutions, can do all of the hard work for you. We begin with a free consultation of your current house. During this time, we will want information about your moving process including where and when you are moving, if you currently have anyone assisting you, and what is happening with the belongings you no longer want. You will also identify which pieces of furniture you want to bring with you and if you have any special packing needs, such as fragile collections or especially heavy furniture. Then our team will provide you with a customized list of moving services we can provide for you. This list may include services such as a moving plan; layout for furniture; packing materials; sorting and packing belongings; loading, transporting and unloading possessions; and decorating your new house.

Professional Organizing Company

Cluttered surfaces and packed closets make your home feel smaller and more confining. Sifting through piles of belongings can spruce up your house and make it feel like home once again. Our senior move specialists understand how difficult it can be to dispose of objects that you have had for many years. However, we can combine sensitivity and property training to help you sort through your house in an efficient manner. We will first have a free consultation in your home to assess the situation and find out what your ideal result is. Then we will offer a variety of organizing packages for you to choose from that will depend on how much clutter you have in your home. Throughout the process, you can feel reassured that you will remain in control and nothing will be done without your permission.

Reliable Rightsizing Experts

Unlike other moving companies Wichita, KS, residents consult, Rightsize Moving Solutions is founded on the principles of expertise and continual education on best practices. The company is owned and run by Kirsten Awe who has considerable qualifications that enable her to provide customers with the best results. Not only is her acceptance a recognition of her accomplishments, but her membership provides her with continual updates on the latest techniques and research in her field. Kirsten has also been recognized as a Certified Senior Relocation & Transition Specialist which requires extensive testing. She seeks this education in order to offer superior relocation and rightsizing services. Kirsten then carefully trains her staff so you can trust you are in good hands.

Wichita Moving Companies

When you are looking for movers Wichita, KS residents trust, choose Rightsize Moving Solutions. Our experienced and friendly team is ready to help you rightsize your belongings to make your current home more comfortable or to help you prepare for a move into a smaller house. Not all movers are the same, so it is vital that you call Rightsize Moving Solutions today for a free quote.

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