woman checking off packing list

Make a Packing Plan Before You Move

Moving house can bring with it a rollercoaster of emotions. From feeling excited about a new living space to feeling anxious about packing up and relocating all your belongings, there are many things to consider while planning a move. A key factor of reducing stress and anxiety associated with a move is knowing when to get things done and in what order. These tips from the professional movers with Rightsize Moving Solutions will help streamline the packing process and keep your mind at ease while preparing for a move.

Start Planning Early

Whether you’re planning a senior relocation across town or a move out of state, early preparation is at the heart of any successful move. Start devising a packing plan with plenty of time to spare — ideally, six to eight weeks before move-in day. The more time you have to properly plan a move, and decide what items to take with, the less time you’ll have to spend scrambling to throw items in random boxes at the last minute. A packing plan should include to-do tasks that cover each week leading up to the move. For more information on creating a tailored packing plan, contact Rightsize Moving Solutions!

Create An Inventory Checklist

Once you’ve determined a packing schedule, the next task is to create an inventory checklist. This will cover every item you own and can help you make tough decisions regarding which items will best serve a purpose in the new home. Create an inventory by going from room to room, listing each item into the following categories:

  • Pack
  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Give away

Once every item in the home has been accounted for, proceed to group them into the categories in different parts of the home. This will make knowing what to pack easy while preventing you from bringing along any unwanted, unused, and unneeded items. Consider selling the unwanted new and lightly used items or donating them to a nonprofit organization.

Decide On A Packing Technique

Before you start packing, choose a technique based on your moving needs and preferences. Begin by acquiring the proper containers, such as cardboard boxes, plastic bins, and suitcases, which are great for packing. Also, plan how to pack items that are fragile or heavy, as well as the items that require a lot of room. Another consideration is the order in which the items will be packed. While fragile items are best wrapped individually and packed last, weighty items should be placed at the bottom of a box and surrounded by lighter items.

Pack For The New Floorplan

This is where a packing plan inventory list comes in handy. Once you’ve gathered the items you want to bring, moving companies recommend packing items into boxes based on the new floor plan. Make note of which items will go in each room. This can help you devise a plan for which items to pack first and leave to pack last. Be sure to clearly label each box with a brief description of the contents and the room for which it’s intended for easy unpacking later.

Hire A Professional Organizer

If you need expert help for strategically organizing, downsizing, and packing up your items, Rightsize Moving Solutions is here to help! We can provide you with a professional organizer residents trust for room-by-room specialized organizational services. We can itemize belongings, help decide what to keep, sell, donate, and toss, and organize possessions into moving boxes in coordination with their placement in the new home!