Packing Tips For Those Who Move A Lot

Whether you’re a professional who is always on the move for work, a student jumping between internships, or the head of a family that likes a routine change of scenery, packing and moving frequently can be demanding. If you’ve moved several times, you may have developed your own moving tricks, but take it from Rightsize Moving Solutions, one of the best moving companies in Wichita, KS, that these packing tips work great for anyone who moves often.

How To Save Time With Simple Décor

Homeowners who are committed to living in one location for a long duration of time have the ability to outfit their homes elaborately with decorations, furniture, and knick-knacks. Consequently, for long-time residents, Wichita moving is a sizable undertaking that involves lots of boxes and many hours spent packing. But as a frequent relocator, you’ll want to keep your home outfitted simply, meaning every room has the bare essentials and not too many of them. Because of the fewer items you own, the easier packing and moving become.

Kitchen Goods

For those who move often, Wichita movers recommend thinking of themselves less as home-dwellers and more as high-class campers, occupying an apartment, condo, or house for brief intervals of time. While camping, you wouldn’t carry full sets of kitchen goods, but rather you’d have one plate, cup, and pot, as well as one of each utensil. So, as a frequent-mover, you can keep it simple with just a few kitchen items. Meanwhile, look for homes that are already outfitted with major appliances, so there’s no need to pack a microwave or transport a refrigerator between homes.

Bedroom Supplies

The spartan attitude of a frequent-mover should extend to the bedroom, as well. When choosing a moving company Wichita, KS, homeowners often seek out movers who can load mattresses and dismantle bed-frames. But as someone who moves often, a mattress may prove cumbersome for you to move between homes, in which case a roll-up bed, lightweight futon, or inflatable mattress would be a better option for bedding. And concerning your wardrobe, instead of a month’s worth of clothes packed into a dresser, a more manageable arrangement for moving would be a week’s worth of clothing hung in the closet or stored in a suitcase.

How A Wichita, KS, Moving Company Can Help

Rightsize Moving Solutions offers numerous services that are suitable for frequent-movers in the greater Wichita area. Our rightsizing services can help individuals and families who move often to reduce the burden of the number of possessions they own by decluttering their homes and selling, donating, or discarding all nonessential items. Regarding relocations, our team of movers in Wichita can either oversee the entire move, or we can offer packing services, provide transportation, or perform another individual moving service. Contact us to learn more about the services from Rightsize Moving Solutions.