Moving In Wichita, KS

3 Ways To Reduce Moving Costs

Moving can be stressful when you’re on a tight budget. More than movers or supplies, though, it’s disorganization that eats up a budget — i.e., making 15 trips when 2 or 3 would do. On the bright side, here are organizational tips and other tricks to help you cut costs during your next move!

1. Hire Professional Movers

It’s a misconception that do-it-yourself (DIY) moves are always less expensive than hiring professional movers. The costs involved when you move alone, from renting a truck to finding supplies, can creep up and surpass the price of hiring a moving company.

But remember to shop around. Not all moving companies have the same fair rates or trustworthy reputation as Rightsize Moving Solutions. When hiring movers, look also for these money-saving attributes.

No Hidden Fees

Not all movers in Wichita who advertise inexpensive rates actually offer them. Some also tack on hidden fees, such as a charge for climbing stairs or carrying larger-than-normal items. So ask up front whether the price you see is the price you pay. 

Rightsizing Services

Rightsizing, also known as “downsizing,” is the process of selling or discarding unnecessary items. This service thus saves you money on moving costs, because the fewer the number of items you have to pack and transport, the smaller your move will be. Ask if your moving company offers a form of rightsizing services.

2. Find Free Moving Boxes

Whether you’re hiring professionals or moving by yourself, replacing new boxes with free, used boxes can result in significant savings. One way to find used boxes is to post an ad requesting donations of boxes on Craigslist. You can also visit the local grocery or liquor store and ask if they’re throwing away old boxes.

3. Keep Track Of Hardware

Saving money isn’t about cutting big expenses only. Preventing small amounts of waste and other unnecessary moving costs also makes a difference in your budget. By using labeled containers to keep track of the cords and remotes for electronics and the nuts and bolts for furniture, you can avoid replacing these later. 

Newly-weds moving in Wichita

Moving Tips for Newly Married Couples

Once the melody of the wedding bells has subsided and the gifts are unwrapped, many newlyweds begin searching for moving companies in Wichita, KS. Moving in together or upgrading the home is the logical next step in the relationship — but before commencing to relocate, a couple should prepare for several considerations that are rather unique to newly married couples who are moving.

Rightsizing Before Moving In Wichita

Before moving day, movers in Wichita recommend that homeowners rightsize their homes by eliminating non essential items. In the course of life, we all accumulate things that become obsolete or superfluous as time passes. Not only do unneeded belongings create clutter in a home, but packing and transporting extra items adds to moving expenses. Therefore, we advise newlyweds to work together to review all the contents of their current home or homes to pinpoint excess or duplicate items and then sell, donate, or toss the items before moving.  

Combining Households

Sometimes a couple lives apart before the wedding, in which case moving to a new home after the wedding is the spouses’ first time living together. When newlyweds first combine their households, decisions about rightsizing become doubly important, because the couple must make choices about duplicate items. For example, each spouse probably has a dining set, but there is likely only enough room in the new home for one dining table, in which case the couple must decide whose table to keep. Therefore, newlyweds who are combining their households should start rightsizing at least three months before moving day.

Difficult Decisions

Decisions about rightsizing become more complicated for newlyweds when one spouse has an emotional attachment to an item, such as a family heirloom. As a rule, it’s best for couples to make lists of personally important items and spend extra time discussing the value of the items in the new home. Meanwhile, when difficulties arise, such as firm disagreements over which items to keep, it’s advisable for a couple to hire a moving company Wichita, KS, residents trust for objective rightsizing services.

Compromises While Packing

In Wichita movers offer full-service packing services, yet some newlyweds wish to pack their own homes. But for newlyweds, packing, like a marriage itself, is a process that requires cooperation from both spouses. In other words, the distribution of the workload should be fairly equal, so one person doesn’t feel taken advantage of. Yet the method used to divide the workload while packing is the prerogative of the couple. For example, some newlyweds work best side-by-side and choose to pack boxes together. Other couples are more independent, and each spouse takes on the responsibility of packing an entire room.

Home-Chore Assignments

For newlyweds in Wichita moving to a new home requires the couple to make plans about home chores, from performing weekly cleanings to paying monthly bills. Couples who lived together before their wedding may have an arrangement for chores that’s suitable, while other couples who have no formal division of responsibilities can use the opportunity of the move to create a chore arrangement. As for newlyweds who are moving-in together for the first-time, delineating chores and financial responsibilities is important to make sure both spouses are on the same page with no unexpected surprises.

Movers in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions is adept at helping newlyweds and couples move in Wichita, KS, because our movers are experts in relocations as well as rightsizing. When it comes to moving services, we can perform full-service moving jobs, including packing up a home, loading the truck, and handling the transportation; or we can address a particular facet of a relocation. Furthermore, as rightsizing or organizing experts, our movers are trained to work with couples, families, and individuals in making tough choices about which possessions to keep or discard. Contact us to learn more about Rightsize Moving Solutions!

Wichita Couple Buying a House to Move Into

Move Into Your First Apartment or Home with These Tips

Your first move will always be memorable. The question is whether the move is memorable because it was fun and exciting or grueling and stressful. In Wichita movers know that the difference between an easy move and challenging one comes down to how prepared the person is when the moving process begins. While it may seem the deck is stacked against you as a first-time mover, the truth is that a few key tips can ensure your first move is memorable for all the right reasons.

Plan Around Your New Address

There are lots of steps involved with moving. As a first-time mover, one trick for staying on-top of everything is to separate tasks into categories and making a list of all the moving-related duties that involve your new address.

Keep Your New Address On-Hand

In Wichita moving companies advise homeowners keep their new addresses on-hand. In order to transfer or set up services at your new home or apartment, you’ll need to know the address, and providing someone with the wrong address could cause service delays. Save the address in your phone or in a schedule book to ensure you always have it handy.

Know When to Book Movers

As far as moving tasks go, booking movers seems fundamental. But sometimes, individuals moving for the first-time put off hiring movers until it’s too late. It’s a good idea to call movers at least three months in advance to ensure you have your pick of reputable movers in Wichita. When you call, have your new address handy, so the movers can calculate the mileage of your move as part of their price quote.

Remember Mail Forwarding

First-time movers sometimes forget to update their mailing addresses with the United States Postal Service until after moving, which can cause important mail to get lost in the shuffle of the move. But according to moving companies in Wichita, KS, a person should schedule mail forwarding at least one month before moving. In order to complete the USPS mail forwarding form, you’ll need to know your new address.

Plan to Transfer Utilities

When moving in Wichita, you’ll need to update the address on file with your local utilities provider in order to transfer utility services from your former home to your new home. Any ongoing contracts with Internet or cable providers must also be transferred to the new residence. Sometimes, the same provider might not service both addresses, in which case you’ll need to cancel existing services and find a new Wichita area service provider.

How to Manage the Logistics of Moving

By following advice from the pros at a local moving company, Wichita, KS, residents can remain organized when moving for the first time.

Rightsize Your Belongings

Before you begin packing, ask yourself whether all of the items you’re transporting to your new home are necessary. In other words, do you still wear every piece of clothing in your closet? And does that old computer monitor on your desk really serve a purpose? If you can lighten your load by rightsizing before a move, you’ll have fewer items to pack and less work to do, overall.

Label Moving Boxes

Staying organized during your first move can seem overwhelming without a plan in place, but using labels is one organizing strategy that’s easy to implement and always effective. Whether you use large white labels and write out all the contents of a box or colored stickers to simply indicate which boxes belong in which rooms of your new home, labels help you stay organized and move efficiently.

Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions is the right choice to help first-time movers in Wichita, KS, move into their new homes. As a local moving company, our years of experience has provided us with plenty of tips that we can pass on to first-time movers. Additionally, we offer moving services to fit all situations. Whether it’s a full-service move that involves packing, loading, and transportation or a single service, such as rightsizing, count on us to perform the job right. Contact us for more information about Rightsize Moving Solutions!

Family Moving in Wichita

Moving Got You Stressed? Relax With These Tips

Stress is caused by the body’s natural fight-or-flight response to a sense of danger, real or imagined. And while so-called stressors, or situations that ignite stress, can arise in all circumstances of life, for people in Wichita moving seems to be particularly stressful. Except, there’s no natural law to say moving should be stressful. Rather, the right preparations and game-plan for moving day can remove all the stressors from a move.

Planning for A Move In Wichita

Unfamiliar situations can be stressors, causing people to feel enough discomfort to become stressed. And because most people don’t work for a moving company Wichita, KS, residents are prone to view moving day as a departure from the routines of their everyday lives. One way to make moving seem more familiar, though, is to start planning for a move months in advance.

Hire Movers

To stay on schedule, hire movers three months before your moving day, and begin with a review of the different moving companies in Wichita, KS. You’ll notice that the services offered by moving companies may seem comparable, but the key differentiators are reputation and quality of service. Booking inexperienced or low-quality movers would only add to your potential stressors on moving day, as you will end up worrying about the safety of your belongings. Therefore, a quality moving company, with solid reviews, is the best candidate to relieve your stress on moving day.


Confronting the time-consuming project of packing up the contents of your home is another potential stressor that emerges while moving. But to lessen your workload, and your potential stressors, take time to rightsize your home and eliminate unneeded items before the packing begins. And if you’re having trouble getting started, there are movers in Wichita who specialize in rightsizing.


Depending on the amount of possessions you own, packing should be spread out over several weeks or months before moving day, with you devoting a few hours each day to packing in order to manage your workload and eliminate potential stressors. Also, to avoid feeling overwhelmed while packing, stay methodical by finishing one room at a time, so you can more easily observe and be encouraged by your progress.

Moving-Day Stress Control

Of all the days involved with a move, it’s the actual moving day that involves the most flurries of activity and thus has the most potential stressors. But the trick to avoid becoming stressed on moving day is to detect when stressors appear and to mitigate them.

Stay In The Moment

In Wichita movers use mindfulness to stay focused while on the job. Mindfulness is a relaxation technique that involves a person staying in-the-moment by concentrating on what’s happening presently rather than what did or could occur. Thus, to avoid stress on moving day, avoid worrying about whether you forget to pack one item or if all your items will be transported safely, and instead focus on the events under your control from one moment to the next.

Use Your Personal De-Stress Technique

Seemingly everyone has that one habit or technique that reduces stress. For some people, a hot shower melts away stress. While hunger and dehydration can cause discomfort and stress for other people, who may find relief from drinking water or eating a good meal or even a piece of a favorite candy. No matter the technique, the trick is to stay aware of your feelings and turn to your personal de-stress technique as soon as a stressor appears.

Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions are experienced movers who take the stress out of moving in Wichita, KS, by offering quality services to ensure moving jobs go smoothly from start-to-finish. Our moving services include rightsizing, full-service packing, loading and unloading, and transportation, so there’s no aspect of a move we can’t handle. And if you’re stuck on a particular task while moving, such as packing up your home, we can take over that job for you. Meanwhile, our years of service and positive customer reviews are proof that Rightsize Moving Solutions is a moving company with a trusted reputation. Contact us to learn more about our moving services!

Tips to Keep Both Homes Safe During a Move

Keep Both Houses Safe During a Move in Wichita, KS

Although professional Wichita movers often accomplish jobs in a matter of hours, some relocations, particularly do-it-yourself projects, can take longer to complete. During a multi-day move, boxes are transferred incrementally from the old to the new house, which means one of the houses is bound to sit unoccupied for a few nights with some of the owner’s belongings inside. Of course, not all unoccupied homes are destined to be the setting of a burglary incident, but there’s no harm in taking preventive measures.

How to Protect Your Wichita Homes

To protect your homes and belongings while moving, consider safety advice from the experts at a moving company Wichita, KS, homeowners trust for its competence and honesty.

Ask a Friend

In addition to hiring moving companies in Wichita, KS, homeowners often enlist the help of friends or family while moving. But rather than having too many people carrying boxes, ask a friend to monitor whichever home is unoccupied. Mail or newspapers strewn around the front-door area and flyers for local restaurants stuck on the door are glaring indications that no one’s home. So give your friend a house key and ask him or her to carry inside any stray mail or papers that accumulate.

The All-Important Curtains

Since curtains hint to people outside that the home is occupied, whichever house you’re not living in should have window curtains hanging throughout the move. Instead of fully closing all the curtains, which could indicate that the homeowners are away, Wichita moving experts recommend arranging them in whichever fashion you typically have them. Inside the home, set furniture where it belongs, but place valuables and moving boxes out of sight from the windows. The idea is to create the illusion that people are living in the house.

Social Media Don’ts

It’s compelling to track the progress of a multi-day move and share it with friends on social media. But posting details publicly about the fact that you’re moving can inadvertently alert the wrong people that your home is unoccupied and hence vulnerable. As a compromise, movers in Wichita advise homeowners to take photos of noteworthy moments while moving, but to refrain from posting them until after the relocation is complete.

The Lights Question

At first, leaving the lights on in your unoccupied house may seem like a measure that would deter the suspicion that no one is home, but in reality the opposite is true. It’s unnatural for most homes to have lights on all night, so if nothing else, a well-lit home draws unwanted attention. What’s more, with the lights on nonstop, the electricity bill for your home will increase during the move. One solution is a lightswitch timer, which can turn the lights on and off at natural hours of the day.

Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions completes moving jobs in a timely fashion, preventing your home from being half-full with items yet unoccupied for a long time. And just in case a move does take several days, our moving experts know tips for keeping your homes safe from trouble. We offer partial or full packing, loading, unloading and transportation services. Rightsize Moving Solutions stands out among movers in Wichita, KS, by also specializing in senior moving and offering rightsizing services. Contact us to learn more!

Seniors Moving & Rightsizing in Wichita

Find a Home That Fits You With Rightsizing

Realtors have identified a new homebuyer trend: Instead of gravitating to large homes, people of all ages are starting to embrace a “less-is-more” attitude, leading them to adopt rightsizing when they house-hunt. Rather than moving solely for increased square-footage, those in the market for a new home are on the search for places that best suit their tastes and needs, regardless of an increase or decrease in size. Read these tips from Wichita movers Rightsize Moving Solutions to leverage rightsizing for a home that fits you best.

Rightsizing Your House

The best place to start on your search for a new living space is assessing the ways in which rightsizing can help you land your dream home, keeping in mind practicality, specific needs and preferences. From choosing the right home to picking from your selected moving companies in Wichita, KS, rightsizing can help you find and move into a home that you love.

Review the Benefits

Rightsizing can help you streamline your search for the perfect home without sacrificing your living space preferences, even if moving to a smaller home. Focusing on a home’s actual dimensions doesn’t mean that space is practical for your lifestyle needs and preferences. Rightsizing is beneficial in its ability to help you make a decision based on a property’s personal fit, with attention on your ideal preferences and requirements.

Assess Your Options

In looking for a new living space, there are millions of options to choose from.

  • How much does square footage matter to you?
  • How much storage space do you need?
  • When are you looking to move in?

Asking yourself these questions can help you leverage rightsizing to your benefit in finding a home that best fits you. In Wichita, moving companies are well acquainted with getting your possessions from place to place without hassle, but the rest is for you to decide.

Rightsizing Your Belongings

Once you’ve found a home that fits, next use rightsizing to handle your belongings. This means getting rid of excess in your current home and making decisions about what you want to bring with you, what you’ll leave behind and how you plan on getting rid of your unwanted items.

Decide What to Keep & What to Toss

Movers in Wichita recommend starting with the easy stuff when sorting through your accumulated items. Ask yourself, “if this item disappeared tomorrow, would I miss it enough to replace it?” Also consider whether your items in question fit your lifestyle at this moment. These considerations can help you differentiate essentials from those you can live without. If you’ve stored items for friends or relatives, it’s time to contact them and return their belongings.

Selling, donating or tossing excess possessions are all great methods of rightsizing for decluttering and streamlining your move.

Rightsize Moving Solutions in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions is a full-service moving company Wichita, KS residents can trust. Our professionals can handle your move from start-to-finish, including packing your household, transporting your items, and unloading everything in a safe and organized manner. Or you can hire us to assist with one area of your move, such as packing and loading. Call Rightsize Moving Solutions today to schedule your move to the space that best fits you!

Rightsizing Tips From An Organizing Expert

Downsizing — or as we like to say, rightsizing — can be a very difficult process full of emotions, tough decisions and unknowns. We recently talked with Kristen Awe, the owner of Rightsize Moving Solutions, to discuss efficient ways to organize and rightsize a home.

iStock-648971118 (1)

What are some unexpected issues that seniors who are downsizing face?

“Unfortunately, many people wait until they are forced to downsize instead of being proactive,” she said. “This can be due to declining health, the death of a spouse, or not being able to maintain and take care of their home anymore.”

Another issue a lot of seniors experience is not having the physical stamina that they once had. Downsizing and moving in Wichita is not only mentally straining but also physically exhausting, Kristen said.

What’s the best way to decide what to keep and what to toss or give away? Is there a process to make it easier?

“Once our clients know where they are moving to and have a floor plan, picking out the large pieces of furniture is the next step,” she said. “Once it’s decided what furniture can be taken to their new home and they know where it’s going to be placed, then the sorting process can begin.”

First, take a calendar and schedule uninterrupted time to go through your items. Then, gather supplies you may need, such as boxes and bags to sort items into. Some categories could be:

  • Donate;
  • Friends & family;
  • Trash; and
  • Other room.

Declutter one room at a time, resisting the temptation of transferring items to another room. Instead of freeing up space, this just moves the cutter to a different area of the house. “I recommend people go through the furniture they are going to take with them first and make sure what is in/on the furniture are actually pieces they want to keep,” she suggests.

Some questions they should ask themselves when going through items are:

  • Do I really use this?
  • Is it something I love?
  • Is it easily replaced if I don’t take it and need it later?
  • Is it worth the cost to pack, move and unpack it?

Next, start staging the furniture with the things you want to keep. This method will show you whether there is enough space for the items in the new home.

What’s the No. 1 worry of people who are getting ready to downsize?

Many times, the No. 1 worry people have about downsizing is getting rid of something they may end up needing, Kristen said. However, in most cases those things can be easily replaced or are no longer necessary.

“I feel another roadblock for people downsizing is worrying about what will happen to all the items they are not taking with them the items they have collected all their adult lives and spent sometimes thousands and thousands of dollars on,” she said.

Decluttering can be an emotional and even painful process. What makes it worth the trouble, and how do people feel once they’ve succeeded?

Decluttering can actually help reduce stress and anxiety about moving in some people, especially if they finish the task before calling moving companies in Wichita, KS, for help with packing and transportation.

“It can be a very empowering event, and the benefits are unlimited,” Kristen said. “Being organized can help save money, save time, clear the mental clutter you might not even know is there and make you feel better!”

Are organizing & downsizing (or rightsizing) two different things?

According to Kristen, you always need to rightsize before you organize. Rightsizing is permanent. It’s the process of making a decision to either keep or get rid of an item. After you have only the items you want to keep, you need to organize them. This means finding a place to store or display them at home.

How is an expert organizer different from having a family member help a senior downsize?

A professional organizer is like a trainer, a plumber, or any other specialist. Organizers know which questions to ask, how to help their clients be efficient, and many ways to customize services to organizing services to each individual. At Rightsize Moving Solutions, we handle senior relocations with due sensibility.

“Everyone thinks and processes things differently. That’s why it’s so important to get the correct systems set up. What might be good for one person might not be good for another,” she said.  “A professional organizer knows how to help their clients get organized in a way that they can maintain and find their items.”

Wichita Movers To Rely On

Many moving companies in Wichita, KS, treat each move and customer in a cookie-cutter fashion. Rightsize Moving Solutions knows each move is different for each customer, hence why we work with them to create a customized Wichita moving experience. As a professional organizer, Kristen understands the apprehension many people feel about rightsizing and moving. Her dedication and passion reflects on the entire Rightsize Moving Solutions team in every endeavor. For help transitioning smoothly into your next home, call us today!

Couple Moving in Wichita

Moving Day Can Be Stress-Free With These Tips

It is popular belief that moving is stressful, but Wichita movers who handle moving jobs for homes and businesses everyday know that, when condensed to a few basic steps, the act of moving is simple. In other words, moving is not inherently stressful; what makes it so is taking the wrong approach. So, to take stress out of your next move, do what the pros do and take the following steps to stay organized.

Get Prepared Early

Wichita moving pros understand that a successful relocation begins with early preparations. And in moving terms, “early” means months before the move-out date. That said, the way in which you should prepare depends on the type of move.

Professional Move

A professional move involves hiring a company to perform a partial- or full-service move. Ideally, you should select a moving company Wichita, KS, homeowners and businesses have provided good reviews of. The difference between a high- and low-quality moving company lies not only on the prices of moving services but also on the skill and attention shown to the packing, loading, and transportation of your possessions. After finding a reliable moving company, call and schedule services three months in advance, if possible. Arranging for movers early has the dual advantage of ensuring they’ll be available for your moving job while providing a timetable to begin preparing your home and belongings.

Personal Move

When a moving job seems manageable, some people are inclined to personally transport all items rather than hiring moving companies in Wichita, KS, to take care of the hard work and heavy lifting. For obvious reasons, a personal move is generally more stressful than a professional move. One way to minimize this stress is to begin sorting belongings and acquiring packing supplies such as boxes and tape as soon as possible.

Prevent Moving Mishaps

While there isn’t a way to avoid all accidents, movers in Wichita know that some mishaps can be prevented with a bit of smart preparation.

Seal Up Liquids

One leaky shampoo bottle is all it takes to taint an entire moving box of items. To prevent having to open a soggy box on moving day, put all your liquids inside sealable plastic bags to contain potential leaks.

Double-Check Directions

Professional movers double-check the addresses of peoples’ homes and use turn-by-turn GPS while driving. Follow suit and use trusted driving directions while moving, especially for long-distance moves, to prevent the frustration of getting lost while traveling to your new home.

No Social Media Until After the Move

While it’s tempting to share details about your move with friends by posting updates on social media, uploading images that could relay sensitive information, such as the fact that your house is sitting unoccupied with boxes full of valuables inside, isn’t wise. It is best to avoid mentioning the move on social media until after it is finished.

Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions is among the top-rated moving companies in the greater Wichita area. We have managed to develop our reputation as trusted movers by consistently delivering high-quality service for all moving jobs. Whether you hire us just for packing or to handle the entire relocation, you can expect satisfactory results. Moreover, we specialize in senior moving services and rightsizing, the process of streamlining belongings to relocate to a space more properly sized for a person’s lifestyle. Contact us to discuss your carefree move with Rightsize Moving Solutions!

Environmentally Friendly Moving Tips

Like almost any other urban activity, moving involves materials and processes that can pollute the ecosystem. And while it may not be possible to eliminate the environmental impact of moving, there are many ways to minimize it. Rightsize Moving Solutions is the moving company Wichita, KS, homeowners can go to for tips on how to reduce their carbon footprints and conserve natural resources while getting the job done efficiently. Here are some ideas.

iStock-637715868 (1)

Rightsize Your Wichita Home

Rightsizing involves identifying and getting rid of unneeded items to declutter a home and/or facilitate moving into a smaller space. As you review the services offered by moving companies in Wichita, KS, look for one that would help you rightsize. Fewer belongings to pack and transport means fewer resources used during a move.

Conserve Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are made from cardboard, which is derived from trees, a natural resource. To reduce environmental impact while packing and unpacking, order as few boxes as possible. Using suitcases, duffle bags and other luggage as packing containers is a good way to start. Wichita moving companies can also provide you with secondhand boxes, if available. After you’re settled into the new home, responsibly recycle the boxes used or keep them for future need.

Recycle Unwanted Household Items

Something movers in Wichita often encounter is homeowners calling junk removal services to clear out unwanted household items. But things that are thrown away in the garbage typically end up in landfills. So, as an eco-friendly alternative to discarding your unwanted possessions, consult your rightsizing specialist about how to donate or properly recycle these items.

Use Nontoxic Cleaners

Because cleaning is much easier when a space is empty than when it is furnished, it’s sensible to clean your new home before unloading and unpacking boxes. To minimize environmental burden while doing so, be selective with cleaning supplies. Many conventional products contain hazardous chemicals that can negatively impact indoor air quality and the surrounding ecosystem. Instead, look for cleaners made with natural, biodegradable ingredients that have little to no repercussions.

Hire an Efficient Moving Company

To minimize the impact of your relocation, choose environmentally conscious Wichita movers who make an effort to conserve resources. In contrast to movers who waste packing supplies or unnecessarily take multiple trips in the moving truck, efficient movers use smart packing and loading techniques and attempt to deliver all your possessions in a single trip.

Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions is an efficient, professional, and environmentally friendly company that offers both comprehensive and specialized moving services in the greater Wichita area. As full-service movers, we can take care of every step of your residential or commercial relocation, including packing, loading, unloading and transportation. We also specialize in rightsizing services and senior relocations. Contact us to learn more about Rightsizing Moving Solutions!

Rightsizing Tips for Seniors


In the course of their lives, seniors can accumulate many possessions. But when a home is overcrowded or a senior is moving to a smaller home, it’s appropriate to look for moving companies Wichita, KS residents trust to provide rightsizing services.
Synonymous with downsizing, rightsizing is the process by which people sort through their possessions and determine which ones merit keeping. Rightsizing can be challenging for anyone, but especially for seniors who have a lifetime’s worth of belongings. But with a few tips from the professionals at a local moving company Wichita seniors can rightsize their homes efficiently.

Create Lists

In Wichita moving companies use lists to keep track of items during a move, and lists are also helpful for rightsizing the belongings in your home. Listing out all the items you own lets you put into perspective the full inventory of the belongings you have to rightsize. Also, it can be easier to inventory items, such as furniture, clothes, or artwork, when they’re written out on paper.

Make Labels

While moving in Wichita, residents often use labels to identify where in their new homes boxes should be unloaded, but labels can also be useful for rightsizing. By placing a colored sticker on an item, for example, you can easily classify it’s status, such as green for items you’re keeping, red for items you’re letting go of, and yellow for items you’re not sure what to do with.

Go Room-By-Room

In Wichita movers go room-by-room after packing up a house to make sure no items were left behind. To properly rightsize a house, you should also look through the items in every room, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. It’s also important to check inside cabinets and in the backs of closets because these hard-to-reach places may contain items that no one has seen in a long time.

Decide What to Keep

During the rightsizing process, the items worth keeping are often those possessions that are essential to your life. For instance, clothing items that you like the look of but haven’t worn in years aren’t essential. Whereas items you use everyday, such as a favorite bed pillow, are worth keeping. Certain sentimental items, such as a family photos, are also worth holding onto, but if you have boxes of family photos, try choosing just a few of your favorites to keep. And remember, rightsizing is not a punishment but a process that leads to a decluttered and comfortable home.

Sell, Donate, or Toss Items

Some of the ways a senior moving specialist would recommend selling the items you’re not keeping include a garage sale, a booth at a flea market, or an ad in the newspaper or online classifieds. Donating leftover items to charity is another option that lets you help people in need and get a tax deduction. Some charities, such as Salvation Army and Goodwill, even offer local pickup services for donated items. On the other hand, if you find yourself with a lot of trash or debris to toss out, one solution is to hire a junk removal service and have the workers carry everything away for you.

Senior Moving Company in Wichita, KS

Rightsize Moving Solutions is a full-service moving company serving individuals and families throughout the Wichita, KS, area. Our professionals can handle your move from start-to-finish, including packing your household, transporting your items, and unloading everything in a safe and organized manner. Or you can hire us to assist with one area of your move, such as packing and loading. The team at Rightsize Moving Solutions are also senior moving specialists, who have expertise in helping seniors and their families with rightsizing and relocations. Contact us to learn more!